Different Types of Neckties & How to Use Them

Different Types of Neckties & How to Use Them Skinny necktie

Majority of men actually get to use one necktie pattern all through their lives. We could say its boring, true but then again, many men do not have the “time” to try new things or just maybe they are ignorant about trying new things.

Ignorance may not necessarily be the case for most men. Just maybe they do not happen to have come across a step to step guide on how to and why they should try out new neckties and their usage hence the motivation behind writing this piece of content. HOW TO MATCH YOUR NECKTIES WITH YOUR COLLARS

Not minding the nature of your job, having a wide range of ties to pick from for different days and occasions would not be harmful. You do not need to be told the importance of a tie as a man, you are meant to always have one in place. Whether you have a job or not, having a necktie just for casual purposes would most definitely boost your fashion and style sense. Neckties are not only meant for formal purposes but also casual outings.

So, I would be picking some uncommon necktie patterns that are not regular for you to give a shot at then get those eyes rolling at your place of work when you step out in style or just for a casual stroll. Let us get started;


  1. NECKTIE- 4 IN HAND: The most common of all necktie usage mostly seen around the workplace as we all are familiar with. One could say it is the most formal for every occasion but then again, it also comes in quite a vast range of styles, designs, sizes, colors as well as material texture with your options set at infinity. When wearing this tie, the use of twisted knots as there is also quite a number of them that could add spice to the necktie 4 in hand piece.
    Different Types of Neckties & How to Use Them 4 in 1 hand fold
  2. NECKTIE OF THE 7 FOLDS: You could call this an extended family to the necktie 4 in hand only that this piece of necktie comes in a design made from a 7 Folds Square shaped piece of silk. Due to its material features, this necktie does not usually come with a lining but instead allows you able to construct any type of twist you so wish the necktie to have due to its thick nature. Great for formal occasions as well as office related outings, but could be quite expensive due to the quality of the material used which makes it a reserve for more of outings than a regular usage.
  3. Different Types of Neckties & How to Use Them 7 fold
    Talk about swag? Here featured is the perfect necktie to fit that term. Though still a cousin to the 4 in hand necktie getting its popularity dating back to the early 60’s. This been eventhe rock band known as “the Beatles” happen to have made use of this back in the days during concerts and stage performances. This necktie features a sharpness in looks though can also be worn for official purposes but makes the best bet for a dinner or a grooms train. They can also be featured on jeans giving a relatively stylish appearance. HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT TIE FOR YOUR OCCASION & PERSONALITY   
    Different Types of Neckties & How to Use Them Skinny necktie
  4. BOW TIE: Quite common as it a fun accessory in comparison to the common neckties in vogue. Talk about formal occasions and the bow tie is a compulsory piece for every man to have in their closet. The good thing about this necktie piece is the vast usage from concerts to balls to cocktails and even for a day to day usage. They come in different styles, patterns and colors so if you do not have one of this, the question is, are you really a man?
  5. BOW TIE OF THE WESTERN WORLD: This is the classic man version of the original bow tie concept. Although not common in this part of the world (Africa) but known extensively across the seven seas all the way to the southeast and west of Europe. This tie came to life officially back in the days when Colonel Sanders rocked it and ever since has stuck in the world of fashion. You plan on slaying that dinner date or cocktail, how about you give this a try and trust me, you just might be the only one with bespoke necktie fashion on arrival.
    Different Types of Neckties & How to Use Them bow tie
  6. BOLO NECKTIE: Quite rare but stylish, the Bolo necktie happens to have been the official clothing accessory for the Arizonians and was first popular back in the 70’s. Texas and Mexico were not left out and if you are familiar with cowboy movies, then you would see it been used often on a sleeve tucked into a jean. Except you are an indigene of the southwest, this type of tie in Africa would surely make you look weird but then again, there is no harm in bringing in the trend.
    Male Neckties and how to rock them Bolo tie
  7. CRAVAT NECKTIE: We are more aware of neckties been knotted but with the Cravat, it is entirely a different ball game. The Cravat necktie rather than knotted, is usually pinned to the shirt. This is mostly used in the military although certain designs have been made to pass out for formal events as well as office purposes. The origin of the Cravat necktie has its title gotten from back in the England days on the race day of the Ascot Course. For those who find it hard to knot ties and do not have the time or know how, this is an option as it comes express with you just pinning to your already buttoned up sleeves.
    Male Neckties and how to rock them Cravat necktie
  8. NECKTIE-CHIEF (NECKERCHIEF):  This is a piece of necktie design mostly seen worn by the scouts and cowboys. Though overlooked by the present day world, these necktie features an everyday casual outfit more like having a muffler around your neck. It does not in any way fit for formal or office wears and should not even be considered as that would be a style and fashion blunder. Better off on a nice pair of jeans or chinos.
    Male Neckties and how to rock them Neckerchief necktie

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