Latest Asoebi Styles for Men those are too Classy to Ignore

When it comes to asoebi styles for men, there are different factors that make a good , stylish one.

From fabric, to fit, to embroidery design, a great guy’s asoebi outfit is combination of different factors.

The guys below are all wearing different fabrics and different styles but each style is cool in it’s own way.

To sew a guy’s asoebi, the general, go-to fabrics are the atiku, guinea brocade … Ankaras are also used, so also is the danshiki but men generally lean towards simpler cleaner designs hence they prefer the former fabrics for their asoebi.

You can c check out men rocking agabadas here or men in danshiki here

Take a look at these cool asoebi styles by these men and be inspired!

latest-asoebi-styles-for-men-those-are-too-classy-to-ignore-1 latest-asoebi-styles-for-men-those-are-too-classy-to-ignore-2 latest-asoebi-styles-for-men-those-are-too-classy-to-ignore-3 latest-asoebi-styles-for-men-those-are-too-classy-to-ignore-4 latest-asoebi-styles-for-men-those-are-too-classy-to-ignore-5 latest-asoebi-styles-for-men-those-are-too-classy-to-ignore-6 latest-asoebi-styles-for-men-those-are-too-classy-to-ignore-7 latest-asoebi-styles-for-men-those-are-too-classy-to-ignore-8 latest-asoebi-styles-for-men-those-are-too-classy-to-ignore-9

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