Is She a Runz Girl? Look Out for these Signs

So you have been checking out this girl online and you are not sure about her “runz-girl” status. Well, these are the signs to look out for.

1.She shows you her assets

Her pictures focus on her assets. Physical assets. Feminine endowments- whatever you call it





2.  She is a Fleeking Miracle Worker

runz girl


Who is a fleeking miracle worker? A miracle worker is a girl who does not have a job, not from a rich home or clear source of income but is always balling. She shows us pictures of designer clothes-Gucci, Chanel etc. Everything is always on fleek. Hmm, fleeking  miracle worker.


3. She is a Permanent Tourist

permanent tourist

She goes on several vacations a month and always alone. Today is South Africa today, Dubai tomorrow, Mauritious next. And she will always use the hashtag #blessed.

why you lying


4. She goes straight to the point- money

money girl

When you tell her you are interested in her and you would love to be her friend, she goes like, “Friend as in? What do you want?”.
Her responses to your love chronicles are always ridiculous: Badoo – ‘What is your desire?’ BBM – ‘What do you want from me?’ Facebook – ‘What can you offer?’  Tinder: 50k per night and on it goes…

5. Where do you Work, what do you drive?



She only gives you attention when you tell her that you work with some of the well-known and drive and expensive brand of car in Nigeria.

gold digger

6. Sleeping Devourer


She is a sleeping devourer who only gets awakened and alerted by money and all the good things that come with it.


Now you know, don’t be deceived bro!


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