Will You Forgive Your Wife If She Cheats on You? 11 Nigerian Men Answer


Well picture this.

You are married and your beloved wife takes the cookies and goes on to share it to some other men.

What would you do?

  • I do not have a problem with a cheating wife as long as I do not know. But for me not to know, she must have worked with the CIA before.On a second thought there is one reason, if I travel out of the country for a long period of time.


  • Once she cheats, she Leaves!it’s something she carefully thought of before she did it


  • I pray never to be put in such temptation


  • I would never cheat on my wife in marriage and when she takes what I eat at home outside voluntarily, that’s the end of the marriage with no recourse to any further negotiations. A cheating wife can kill her husband, better we call it quits before person go kpain.


  • I’d forgive her wholeheartedly………only if she’s the one paying the bills.


  • I’ll forgive her, but she won’t be my wife anymore. I can’t stand the thought of her wrapping her legs around another man and moaning desperately.Seeing her everyday would crush me.


  • I can never ever forgive her. I have chastised myself during my youthful day and if I get married, I will stick to my one wife which only death can do us apart, but cheating will do us apart.



  • To forgive a cheating wife ain’t easy, let’s not pretend about it, the binding cord of trust is broken and cannot be joined together, so if they remain together by way of forgiveness, that binding cord has not be repaired because it cannot be repaired. The best bet for the lady’s is to stay away.



  • I will forgive her because i’m no saint myself.


  • For me it’s normal for guys to be promiscuous but in ladies, it’s seen as a taboo.
  • Now as a married woman, where is your dignity when you cheat especially on your husband even if he is out on in the country the fact that you are married, you are in the best interest of your husband to protect that P@@sy for him cos that’s his pride in you.


  • When it comes to forgiveness I can but to be honest the sight of her will disgust me and each time I look at her I just see a different being. I think ladies should not even think of doing such.



  • It’s Simple….she’s leaving my house.If you are hoping she would change she will end up infecting u with some yeye tins lol.I won’t take chances o


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