Ten Types of Wedding Suits for Men

groom on his wedding day

Men, never make the unpardonable mistake of not investing in a wedding suit. You do not want to look back at wedding photos and regret your choice of wedding suit or notice how embarrassing your suit looks because you failed to invest in one.

For a man, one of the most important decisions he has to make in the course of his life is taking that bold step of walking down the aisle with the woman he loves.  This decision can be scary for some, while others face it squarely and boldly.

The Different Types of Wedding Suits for Grooms

After proposal the next most important decision for the groom is choosing a wedding suit. Some grooms do not see this as a big deal and they make the mistake of thinking only the brides have to look classy. A groom has to choose a wedding suit that is stylish, classy and will fitting, giving him a trimmer look and great physique. A good suit is one that emphasizes the physique of its wearer. Here are 10 types of wedding suit for men.

  1. Patterned/Extravagant wedding suits:extravagant wedding suit for menInstead of throwing on a bland wedding suit of either black or blue, the patterned wedding suit is a most interesting piece for that groom who is not afraid to outshine his bride. A well fitted and trim pattern wedding suit says a lot about the groom’s personal style and helps you stand out.
  2. Single Breasted:single breasted mens suit for weddingsThis type of suit style comes with only one column in the suit for buttons and slit for button holes. The jacket is sophisticated and complements the height of the groom. One may choose to wear it with a waist coat and it can also be worn for many other occasions after wedding such as a night out with friends or a date night with the wife or even the office.
  3. Double Breasted Suit:
    single breasted and double breasted suit

                                                                          Single Breasted vs Double Breasted suit

    The double-breasted Suit is popularly worn at ceremonies, events and wedding. Unlike the single breasted suit, it is has two wide overlapping front flap. It usually has four buttons or an alternative, six buttons.  It is also called the Italian style suit known and best suits tall men to give them that elegant appearance. This piece tells an observer that the wearer is an organized and stylish person.

  4. Mandarin Suits:
    mandarin wedding suits for men

                                                              Mandarin Wedding Suits

    Mandarin garment originated from china which was a simple attire worn by workers and horsemen and has evolved over the years. The mandarin collar suit are graceful and stylish and have remained a timeless fashion piece over the years. Grooms appear quite distinguished and masculine in mandarin suits.

  5. Evening Tail Suit: 
    tail coat for grooms

    The Tail Coat

    Tailcoats or tail suits are jackets with an extended back panel or suits cut away at the front and divided into tails at the back. The evening tail suit or tailcoat is the most formal option of them all and are mostly worn for super elite weddings or events. The evening tail wedding suit gives the groom a graceful aristocratic look making him stand out from the rest of his ‘gang’ and wedding guest will be able tell the groom apart from his grooms men.

  6. Tuxedos:
    tuxedo for grooms on wedding day


    Tuxedos are timeless pieces and will be in vogue for as long time to come. It is stylish, classy and gives the wearer which is the groom in this case an air of opulence and sophisticated look on his wedding day. The difference between a tuxedo and a wedding suit is the detail satin trim a tuxedo bears. They are a great choice for grooms looking to make a statement.

  7. Dinner Suits:dinner wedding suit for menThese types of wedding suits makes a groom appear stunning and they come in either single breasted or double breasted. Whichever style a groom chooses to wear, whether a single-breasted or a double-breasted type, a mixture of neutral colors such as white and black speaks of affluence and class. The dinner wedding suits will give the groom an air of elegance without outshining his bride.
  8. Check wedding suits: 
    checkered suit for men

                                                                            Checkered Suit for Men

    Check wedding suits are becoming popular unlike in the past. Grooms who are looking to make a bold statement and are not afraid to try out new things can try out different designs of check suits. They come in current styles, stunning and easy to wear.

  9. MIX AND MATCH: Stylish men are not afraid mix separate color combinations when it comes to wedding suits. Mix and match suit, commonly called “broken suit”  in English or “spezzato” in Italian is the art of mixing mismatched suits and pants. It is elegant and extremely stunning and spells creativity, giving the groom a look of affluence and authority
    Well as they say, blue is the new black. This is true especially for grooms nowadays. Grooms can dress to impress with blue suits as all it takes is to find the right fitting, design and style of your choice.


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