Best Designer Wedding Suits for Men

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Your wedding day is a perfect day to turn out in your best. Wearing a sharp designer suit is important even if you don’t usually wear one. We well know that suits has always been the popular and trendy traditional attire for grooms, giving them that gentleman appearance. There are so many designer/fashion brands working on wedding suits for men, helping them appear dapper, sophisticated and complimenting his personality as well; to make his D- day perfect as he envisioned it to be.

Grooms who are looking to make a statement or leave a memorable impression can go for designer wedding suits to help suit up for the big day with style and great panache.


Saint Laurent is a French designer/fashion luxury house founded by Yves Saint in July, 1961 in Paris, France. This brand has provided men with elegant, sleek and expert tailoring luxury attires ever since it was established.

For grooms who want to look dapper in a slim-cut suit with well-fitted waist and a thin lapelled jacket on their big day, then Saint Laurent wedding suit is for you. Although Saint Laurent suits traditionally stick to a lean silhouette, the label is bold and not afraid to experiment and try out new ideas or designs with fabrics and daring prints.


Saint Laurent Suit for Weddings

Saint Laurent Suit


Tom ford was once a creative director of Gucci and Saint Laurent and has no doubt perfected the art of creating luxury clothing and high quality fashion suits. Amongst his designs are the slim – cut tuxedos, suits with bold and daring dinner jackets all available of eye-catching fabrics and styles.

A groom is sure to make a statement in a Tom Ford designer suit or tuxedo which are both sophisticated and sleek and come in fabrics ranging velvet to satin.

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tom ford suit for weddings

Tom Ford Suit


Established in the year 2000, this brand may be new on the fashion scene but they boast of impeccable designs and at affordable prices too which has placed it amongst the best and in demand. Suitsupply has designs and attires to suit every man’s taste and style

They offers refined, quality suits from pure wool to alpaca, cashmere, silk and much more which a groom can chose from .


Burberry is a British fashion house first created in 1856. This fashion luxury brand has become famous for its signature plaid pattern. Just over a century ago, they introduced suits bridging a gap between the old and new world in fashion and design.


Burberry’s suits take inspiration from the classics when it comes to fabrics and techniques while incorporating modern tailoring and silhouettes.

burberry suit for men for weddings

                           burberry suit for men


Grooms who are looking to wear suits in bold colors or prints can try out Gucci’s many designs. From suit jacket with bright ornaments on the edges and seams to, embroidery, this fashion luxury house is your go to. Gucci has always been at the   forefront of fashion with their extravagant designs, they are the world’s biggest-selling Italian suit


Hugo Boss is one of the favorite suits brand across the globe and offers sleek suit designs that exudes masculinity, confidence and elegance. They make great wedding suits for men which are available in classic and daring colors. Grooms can select a comfortable well fitted suit that fits the contours of the body.

hugo boss suit

Hugo Boss Suit


As we well know, Dolce and Cabana was founded in the mid 1980’s by two aspiring Italian designer which gave rise to what would later a recognizable luxury fashion house in the country and across the globe. Their works and designs have evolved over the years. Dolce and Gabbana presented their first menswear collection and have been creating lust-worthy suits ever since.

From bold jacquard prints, embroidered silk, or a dark suit with a razor-sharp silhouette, a groom can choose what best suits his style.

dolce gabbana suit

Dolce & gabbana suit


Ralph Lauren is a luxury fashion designer/brand that has demonstrated and established its genuineness in the world of fashion both in America and all over the world. Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label suits are sourced from only the finest fabrics and materials and come in superb designs and masterful craftsmanship. They are available as ready-to-wear or in personalized made-to-measure styles.



Brooks Brothers was founded in 1818 as a family business. It is the oldest men clothier in the United States with headquarters in Manhattan, New York and are highly experienced suits professionals. They have provided suits to 40 out of the 45 American Presidents, they are also known for introducing the ready-to-wear suit to American men.



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