Where to Buy Clutch Bags in Nigeria

Clutch purses are a key part of every woman’s wardrobe. Usually they are fancy and stylish. Clutch bags as they are more popularly known are basically bags but much smaller and without handle

They are usually worn for evening outings, weddings, red carpet shows etc. They are usually dressy and classic and sometimes come with an extra chain hand which is usually detachable. The most popular colors for clutch purses are black, gold, silver . This may be because they are versatile and go with a lot of other colours.

The question usually is Where should you buy clutch bag/purses in Nigeria?
I’l answer this question based on personal experience. When it comes to shopping we usually think Jumia and Konga. And the last 2 times i needed to buy a clutch bag- of course the very first place i checked was Jumia & Konga.

lady with clutch bag she got from Gabino Bags

There are few things i noticed.

Why I Bought my Bags from  Gabino Bags

The first i liked about Gabino Bags is that they sell only bags. As we all know with focus comes expertise! They sell all types of bags and their clutch purse collection in current and their prices are reasonable.

The second thing i liked about them is that they have a personal touch. They are not just a big website that will collect your money while you pray it gets delivered . When i found their website, at first i was scared to put in my details. Thankfully i found where they said you can order via Whatsapp. I did and yes! I got a response from a LIVE person who cared about my purchase. I have bought twice since and have put in my bank details since i now know i can trust them.

On Buying Clutch Bags on Jumia/Konga Nigeria

The Style are not very current. The designs you see there are not chic and classy. Don’t get me wrong, Konga and Jumia are a great place of shop. When it comes to buying electronics and home decor i only go there but somehow for clutch purses, they always fall short in terms of taste and sheer good variety.

I also was not comfortable with the pricing, sometimes it would be too too high. Sometimes it was way too low that you knew you were not going to get quality (when you have shopped online in Nigeria a lot, you begin to be able to tell)

After searching Jumia, Konga & even Jiji for clutch bags to no avail i almost gave up. Till i finally found a site to buy from.  Their name is Gabino Bags.

What I Don’t Like about Gabino Bags

I wish they posted more on their social media pages. Their posts are not as often as i would like!

So where will you buy your clutch purse?

It depends solely on you

EDIT (Someone sent me a mail asking for Gabino Bag’s website- here it is below)

To shop at Gabino Bags Visit Here to shop for clutch purses


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