Ten Tips for Choosing Grooms & Groomsmen Attire

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Every bride wants to match down that aisle to see a neatly trimmed and stylishly dressed husband waiting for her at the end of the aisle and his groomsmen in matching attires looking like models who have just walked off the cover of a style magazine. Unfortunately, choosing a befitting attire for the groom and his groomsmen can be more complicated than people think. Grooms men can choose to wear attires that match (but not exactly) that of the groom without overwhelming the groom’s. But this is not a must as it all depends on what the groom chooses. How then can a groom choose the right attire for himself and his groomsmen with the variety displayed both online and in stores without getting overwhelmed or going for the wrong things

Things to Consider when Choosing Grooms & Grooms Men

It is widely believed that the wedding is all about the bride so a lot of articles are geared toward bridal advice often forgetting that it is the groom’s big day too. It is time to help the men suit up.

Here’s what you need to know before you start shopping!

    We cannot talk about weddings without budget which is the most important thing to consider before embarking on any shopping. The groom need to decide whether he is paying for the groomsmen attire or whether they are buying their attires themselves.If they are buying the attires themselves then the groom will want to choose something affordable and accessible yet classy to those with smaller budgets. If it’s the latter, you’ll want to choose something that’s accessible to those with smaller budgets.
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    As a groom, you will want to make sure the attire of your groomsmen matches the theme of your wedding. This is really important and should be taken into consideration when choosing an attire for groomsmen
    Theme of Wedding
    The groom has to stand out from the rest of his gang on his big day. As a groom, you will do well to speak with your groomsmen first. Tell them the theme of your wedding, if you want them in matching suits and what you have in mind for them for suits and if they feel comfortable with your choice.  Granted it is your special day but it is also special for your groomsmen to walk alongside you on your day so you will want them looking nice too.
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  4. TUXEDO OR SUIT: Before a groom goes shopping for his wedding attire, he should first decide if he’d want to wear a suit or a tuxedo for his big day. This is the first step. They both have pro’s and con’s but first let us look at the definitions of the two and why one is suitable for a groom and his men over the other.

    Difference Between A Tuxedo & Suits


  • Tuxedos are typically black, and a formal version of a suit mostly worn for a formal evening outing. The difference between a tuxedo and a suit is satin. Tuxedos have satin on the lapels, buttons, pocket and satin strip running down the led sides of the trousers and are to be worn with bow ties, cummerbunds or waistcoats.
  • However, they are stunning, classic and memorable giving your wedding that colorful and classy look it deserves.


  • Suits do not have satins nor cummerbunds but they can come in different colors and style cuts that are not available in tuxedos. Although it is not as stunning and fancy as tuxedos, it is still elegant.

Having stated these, tuxedos commemorate a special occasion such as a wedding. Should a groom choose to wear a suit, chances are other men in attendance will be wearing suits also. A groom can choose to wear a tuxedo, while his groom’s men go for suits. Weather a suit or tuxedo, a groom must choose one which is fitting and matches his body frame. Same with the groom’s men.


After choosing between a tuxedo and a suit, the next thing to consider is choosing a tie or a bow tie. The good thing is bow ties and ties go with bot a tuxedo and a suit so it is left for the groom to choose what best fits his style. Consider the texture, pattern, size and length before picking out one for use.

Grooms should choose a different color of tie or bow tie from that of his groom’s men. This will make him stand apart and be the center of attraction when standing with his men. If he opts for a bow tie, the groom’s men can go for neck ties.  While the grooms men can choose a color that matches or complements the bridesmaid dresses

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