South South Native Attires : Top Best Style Pics & Tips

Akwa Ibom Men Native Wears (1)

The South South Native wear attire is unique, rich and diverse and amazing.Here are some tips and styles you will like.

The oil that greases the wheels of our great nation Nigeria and gives us strength to stand as one people, in spite of our tribal differences, our diverse culture unites us. Apart from the different languages peculiar to each tribe, another way to easily spot or tell the ethnicity of an individual or people is by observing the details of their native outfits and ornaments.

Top 6 South South Areas and Their Native Wear Attires!

South South is one of Nigeria’s political zones rich in culture, natural resources and style.  They states that make up the South South are:

  1. Akwa ibom
  2. Cross river
  3. Bayelsa
  4. Rivers
  5. Delta
  6. Edo

Apart from contributing to the economy of the country, resources and serving as home to beautiful tourist sites, the South South is home of rich culture and fashionable people. Their unique style of dressing gives beauty, grace and pageantry to an occasion and is one every Nigerian tend to imitate.

AkwaIbom/Cross River Native Men’s Wear Attire

The traditional attire of the Akwa Ibom and Cross River people are somewhat similar, it can be quite confusing to tell them apart. The AkwaIbom and Cross river people are commonly referred to as sister tribes, little wonder in the similarities of their native attires.

Their native attires commonly consist of the “usobo”, attire only peculiar to the people of Cross River and Akwa Ibom. The females have their own unique style of “usobo” design different from the males. A typical AkwaIbom and Crossriver man ties the “usobo”, a Stylish wrapper specially designed to go round the waist and usually tied in a knot at the side left preferably with a downward slope flowing to the right and matching it with the same color of beautifully embroidered cap. His neck is adorned with coral beads or he uses the “okpom-mkpom” which is a piece of knotted cloth worn around the neck. Vests made of beads or fabric is also part of the native attire of the AkwaIbom and Cross river man. Note that this particular (vest) attire must match the cap on his head; fabric, color and design. Their attires are made up various details making them stand out. Some men opt for the “mkpaha-ishin. A rope/belt loosely tied around the waist.Akwa Ibom Men Native Wears (3)

Akwa Ibom Men Native Wears (2)

Akwa Ibom Men Native Wears (1)

The native attire is not complete without the beads.  

The “Ofong idem” is a long sleeved shirt made of heavy fabric that reaches almost at the knee. It goes with the “usobo”

Bayelsa Native Men’s Wear Attire

The bayelsans like other tribes in Nigeria have their own native attire exclusively to match their culture. Their native style is majorly influenced by the occasions it is used for but regular native attire for a Bayelsa man can be just a simple shirt and trouser. Inasmuch as they cherish their own traditional clothes, the bayelsan traditional attire mostly come with a modernized look as it is largely influenced by the western culture. The traditional attire for the men is quite impressive and popularly known as “bayelsa”. It is a simple long sleeved shirt on top a long, flowing wrapper.  It can either be worn over the shoulder or simply tied at the waist. Beads can be worn to match the bowler hat and the staff. A Bayelsa man never leaves for an occasion without his hat!

Delta State Native Men’s Wear Attire

Traditional attire for the Niger delta men is really simple. The first detail one would notice is the slender, straight cut shirt. It could be long sleeved or short sleeved with straight trousers stopping just about the ankle. A line of fancy ornaments or golden thread is run in different directions or can run straight almost at the centre of the chest. bayelsa native wear styles for men (1)

bayelsa native wear styles for men (2)

bayelsa native wear styles for men (3)This style is popularly known as the “senator” as the very first man to wear this style was a former serving senator Anyim Pius Anyim. It is simple yet classy and trendy. It is one native attire that can add class and style to any occasion.

Rivers State Men’s Native Attire

The native attire of rivers people is quite similar to that of the Igbos. The riverian man has his walking stick and either a feathered cap or a bowler hat to go with it. This is the major dressing style for the riverian men

Edo State Native Men’s Wear Attire

Beads became so popular in the Nigerian native attire look as a result of the Edo people. The Edos do not joke with their beads at all which sometimes have deep cultural connotation or some just worn to accentuate the beauty of the outfit. Coral beads can make up 50% of the attire of Edo men and women and this has been passed down from one generation to the next. The traditional attire is always accompanied by a coral hat of beads and the choice of headdress depends solely on what suits well for the man. Wearing a colorful wrapper over a white shirt or strapped over one shoulder and carrying a horse tail is a typical Edo mens attire.

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