#MenStyle: These Style Tricks Will Make You Appear Taller

1. Work on Your Posture:
stand tall

Always stand tall. Slouching takes at least one inch away from your height.

2. Wear Fitted Clothes:

fitted clothes

Baggy clothes do nothing for you when it comes to height. They make you look small and drowned in all its bagginess. Know the right size for you and stick to them

3. Wear Vertical Stripes


Not only vertical stripes, but evenly spaced vertical stripes makes the wearer appear taller. This is because people’s eyes follow the lines up. Vertical lines on the other hand makes you appear wider and shorter

4. The Finer Details Should be in Small Proportions:


Highlighting small features will only take away from your height. Therefore, details like your lapels, tie width and knot, collars etc should be smaller and thinner than average.

5. Keep Details Up:

When it comes to appearing taller, you want to draw people’s eyes to your upper body. How do you do this? Pocket Squares, hats, glasses etc. By all means use them but don’t use them all at once.

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