Getting a New Jacket/Blazer? Try these 5 Tricks to See if it Fits Right

  1. The Shoulder Into Wall Trick:
    This trick prevents you from buying a suit jacket or blazer that is too big.
    How to do it;
    Put on the suit jacket,blazer or sportscoat.With the outside of your shoulder facing the wall, slowly lean into the  wall. If the shoulder pad strikes first, then scrunches up before your shoulder gets there, then its too big. You want a jacket where your shoulder and the pad strike the wall at almost the same time. The less pad overhang, the better.
  2. The Hug Test:

    This trick keeps your torso comfortable and your seams from bursting.
    How to do it; Put on the jacket at look in the mirror. Now pretend as if you want to hug someone. If it feels as if you are going to burst a seam, its not a good fit.

  3. The Curled Finger Test

    This trick helps you figure out if the jacket length is right for you

    How to do it; With your sit jacket, blazer or sportscoat on, let your arms hang at your side relaxed.Curl your fingers up as if your want to grab the handles of a wheelbarrow.Your jacket tail should come to rest right in that crevice that your fingers have made. If its all bunched up, the jacket is too long. If its dangling an inch or so short, its too short.

  4. The Finger for Collar-Size Trick

    Simply prevents you from buying a jacket that will strangulate you (haha)

    How to do it; Button the shirt all the way up.Then stick a finger or two between your neck and the collar.The goal is to have not noticeable gaps while full buttoned. It should also not strangulate you.

  5. Armhole/Handshake Test

    Helps you find a jacket that wont fight you while wearing it.

    How to do it; (Read in the infographic below)



Infographic Credit:

Mode in featured image: Denola Grey

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