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Our Naija Babes with their Big Stomachs


Whenever you walk the streets of Lagos, you don’t need anyone to make you notice the evil that confronts men these days, which is Ladies with big stomachs. While I may know a woman that has had a child by her tummy, shock is an understatement to describe how men feel about single ladies who have never been married and has never had babies, though maybe has had a number of abortions, since that is in vogue right now.

For me, I believe it’s an indication that we have more women today that have very low self esteem, and probably battling depression in their own way. I know that is obvious by the way women throw themselves at men nowadays, but when women refuse to do something about their looks, now that becomes a very big problem. Big problem, because whether ladies believe it or not, all men, irrespective of their personality style want to scope a lady first, check out her physique, and then makes up his mind if this is the kind of lady he wants to be seen with. That is why most of my male clients ask specifically for fair, slim and pretty, although I do not believe that that Ideal always works for marriage, and men have to wake up and become more realistic, but nevertheless, no man will go for something that is as shapeless as a toad and be proud to make introduction of her to friends, not to talk of been seen with her, except her father is very, very rich, and he is sure of getting his bank account filled with dollars and pounds; courtesy of his Ms Toad.

But let’s get serious; what is wrong with our Nigerian women that believe that having a protruding tummy is sexy for men? Instead of them getting involved with a health program and work on their figure, they are busy going from one religious camp to the other seeking for spiritual deliverance, believing that they are not married because of marine spirit when they are the marine spirit themselves.

How do you know that a ladies stomach is big and shameful, and needs to do something about it as soon as possible? Well I guess when her tummy level is on the same level with her nipple or shoots out beyond her breasts. (Please note that I sympathize with women who have fibroid, and hope they get medical attention as soon as possible).

One of the things I do before matching is have the client attend date coaching classes, and one is with reference to packaging. One of the home works given is that you chose six people that will give you a candid opinion about your total outlook with suggestions as per where and what you can do to improve in certain areas. Some of my female clients who attend these classes make progress, while those who just want to meet a man at all cost, and are not ready for any extras to prepare them are still there today waiting for a prince charming that will sweep them off their feet. Whoever told them that prince charming is blind.

But after deep thoughts, I am left with the opinion that we are a people that have no respect for preparation. We hate preparing for where we are going, we just want to get there, which is why some people are really nowhere in life today, for while they believe they have arrived, just a little storm puts them in their real place.

Jerome Yaovi Onipede is the Chief Consultant @JEROME IS TALKING LTD

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