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10 Little Things you can do Everyday that will Greatly Improve your Life

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  1. Plan your day in the morning:

    You achieve more when you plan your day ahead of time. You go into your day organized and with clear picture of what you want to achieve.

  2. Enjoy your Breakfast without Checking the Phone:

    Two things happen when you do this’; you eat less because you are paying attention and you relax.It the long run it takes a healthy toll on your weight and life.

  3. Smile in the Mirror:

    It boosts your self-confidence and generally makes you a happier person.

  4. Read for 15 Minutes:

    You get more knowledgeable plus, as they say , readers are leader!

  5. Talk to a friend/family member deeply:

    Try it and see how your relationships will improve overtime.

  6. Meditate for 10 Minutes:

    A lot of us are so busy with the daily activities of life, we forget to see the big picture. Meditating everyday will help you look at the picture and achieve more.

  7. Take a picture of the day :

    Memories are priceless. You’ll only appreciate this when you are older.

  8. Write down what makes you happy:

    There are so many things to be grateful for but sometimes we do not see them because we do not look. You will end up a happier person

  9. Write down what makes you unhappy and figure it Out:

    This way you do not end up letting little things ruin your day and by extension your life

  10. Hug someone with your whole heart.

    Scientists have said that hugs are good for the heart!


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