Pictures of Nigerian Celebrity Men In Agbada

Welcome to the 21st century where any one is allowed to slay in this outfit. However,  a lot of  our male celebrities have a cool stylish way of rocking agbadas that inspire our daily fashion. In the entertainment industry a while back, we see the Agbada outfit as a means or way to differentiate the rich and classy ones from the rest but today, even the upcoming celebrities feature in this outfit.

In those days, you would not just wake up one morning to put on an Agbada and say you are going for an occasion or for Sunday service, the Agbada was mainly an outfit to put emphasis on royalty or wealth status of the individual.

The Agbada garment in this present day, can be worn at any time for any occasion you decide to be a guest to, church services, shows and even as a clothing to shield from the cold.

Agbada as an outfit has this feel it gives the individual, a feel of being on top of the world, a feel of full confidence as well as authority. It is more like, usually when an individual is dressed in the Agbada outfit, he feels every other person not on the Agbada outfit are lesser in status. Funny right? Let us just say there is this spirit that comes with the Agbada feel and welcome to our Nigerian celebrities featuring in the Agbada garment.

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Not to worry, I would be sharing some really nice pictures of Nigerian celebrities in the Agbada outfit and yes, mainly of those who befit the garment.

Pictures would feature the likes of;

  • E- Money who is usually always seen in this outfit on his Instagram posts as well as events.
  • Ebuka who happens to be married more to his Agbada slaying than to his wife and has got his A game in slaying. Recently, he went viral as his Agbada happened to be a topic on every lips as well as a trend on the popular social media platform, Instagram. I think Banky W may have re taught over why he had Ebuka on his guest list…
  • Alibaba (GCFR) is a veteran in the comedy section of entertainment. Not a young man anymore so he features in the Agbada attire a lot. He slays the Agbada garment regularly  as seen on his Instagram page.

Sure, there happen to be quite a number of other Nigerian celebrities who slay in the Agbada outfit and the pictures would give you an insight…


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