5 reasons Some Men in Lagos Go to the Village to Pick a Wife

nigerian wedidng

  1. Traditional Meals:

    The average Lagos girl cannot cook varieties of food. So the average guy, for fear of a life banished to eating rice and stew like a bird runs to the village to get himself a wife who will deliver, kitchenwise.

  2. Natural, Unadulterated Beauty:

    It is scary how women in the city have perfected the art of recreating everything. What you see is no longer what you get. The average city girl’s eyes, lips, waist, nails is not real. Everything is recreated. I recently came upon a post b a guy who was angry with his babymama who “deceived ” him for two years with make-up.He was shocked when she forgot to make up during labour.That was when he saw how she really looked for the first time ever.To say the least he was devastated.

  3. Career:

    The craze to succeed career-wise is sometimes so strong in the average city woman that she puts it before her family. She goes out as early as 5am comes in with you as late as 10pm. The result is that kids are not well brought up and grow up dysfunctional.

  4. Attitude Issues:

    The average city girl may not be as submissive as the girl from the village.They measure shoulders with you, are excessively inquisitive and are sometimes pompous. These drives  some men to the village where they think they can get more submissive women.

  5. Economics:

    In a day and age when the average woman will come and ask her man for N250,000 to “do aso-ebi”, you cant blame the average guy for seeking a woman who will be conscientious enough to help him manage his income and not run him into the ditch with unnecessary expenses.

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