Looking for a Wife Material in Nigeria? They are not in these 4 Places


After the post on where to find a wife material in Lagos, I thought to do a sequel on where not to find one.

  1. Badoo:

whensomeonetries-to-steal-your-foodYou should even guess what the deal is from the name- Badoo … in  bad wife?

That is if “she ” is even a she.

Almost everyone on Nigerian Badoo is a man posing as a woman.

The other day my friend , was on Tinder and he got a match with one of these ‘babes’. In less than 10 minutes, she had messaged him saying “I’m on Tinder for sex. Whatsapp me on 080-calll-a-slut” So this my friend replied the message with “where you at?” She goes “lekki”(they most times say Lekki but would offer home service) He goes “how much?” She goes “You have to pay 5k deposit for my mobilization and 20k short time, account no: 010iMAHOE” Homeboy goes “Dayo, no be your account no be this?” Be warned

  1. Strip Club:


I don’t know why you’d go to and Abbatoir and ask for a Chanel bag?

How can you complain that you can’t find a babe you can call your own when you’re going to find one at a place where the ladies belong to everybody and nobody.

I’m not saying good babes don’t go to strip but even if a good babe mistakenly wanders into a strip club- best believe she is with her man who dragged her there out of curiosity

This rule applies to strip clubs on the mainland. This is because the ladies there are mostly refugees from neighboring Togo and Liberia.


  1. Lagos-Ibadan expressway:

    sexgirl steals

    So Rihanna said she found love in a hopeless place and you just think that because you saw this hot babe on KM 789, she’s probably the one? On a scale of 0 to BruCaitlyn Jenner, how confused are you? Even my Rihanna (who I’m dating by the way) learned the hard way; the babes you meet in hopeless places will just rob you and run away with your money. You just sit down there and think that songs like “Bitch better have my money” were written based on helping society? Nigga! She learned the lesson! Don’t fall prey, let our (me and Rihanna’s) experience teach you.

  2. Church:


After you have flexed all the girls in Lagos you are now searching for a babe inside church. FYI some of these girls are potential grammy award winners. ESPECIALLy those in ushering and choir unit. Most of them are posing as wife materials because they are looking for a husband too.  You dont want a girl who looks perfect at first then transforms into a monster later after marriage. Be warned



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