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Six Things that Happened In My Life after I had a Baby Mama that I Wish Every Nigerian Man Knew

baby mama
The recent squabbles between a certain popular  musician and his baby mama has prompted me to want to talk about it.
I have a baby mama. Trust me, it is not what you think it is or I thought it was, till it happened to me
I notice that more and more guys are falling into this trap of having a baby mama. It seems trendy but as they say, “who no go, no go know.”
Not to bore you but let me go straight to the point about why I would advise any guy to avoid having a baby mama

1. It’s Not As Easy as it Seems:

My baby mama is from a religious home(even though it does not reflect in her life). When it got out that she was pregnant, all hell broke loose. It was as if my life had turned upside down. The drama was unbelievable. At some point I had to run away from home because her folks were looking for me with the police. It was that bad. Except you are stinkingly rich, your peace is taken away.

2. You May be Forced Into Marriage:

I am lucky I was matured enough to know that she wasn’t the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.Some guys I know were forced to marry girls who were less than what they wanted because they got her pregnant. Always wear protection guys, always.

3. You Become a Cash Cow:

To keep peace I currently pay my baby mama and child a monthly allowance. I am like her cash cow. If the payment delays for just a day, no more peace for me. It’s like I murdered peace of mind the day I got that girl pregnant

4. Sometimes your type Runs Away from You:

I had this girl I found out had everything I want in a wife. But she kept being elusive. I couldn’t understand why so one day I finally “cornered” her. She then confessed that I should know that I am “married”. Married? I was shocked to say the least. Just because I had a child. To cut the long story short, the girl refused to date me. Even though every other aspect of my life is intact.

5. You Begin to Be Seen as Irresponsible:

When you do find a girl that is willing to settle with you notwithstanding you baggage. Don’t heave a sigh of relief yet. Wait till her family knows. It’s amazing how they immediately tag you as promiscuous. They even insinuate that you will continue the “habit” when you get married to you prospect. Yes, it happened to me. As if getting a girl pregnant can be a “habit”.

6. You Have a Fling Material Become a Part of Your Life- Fulltime:

My baby mama is what I call fling material. Take her to the club, flex her. But you don’t want to see her everyday. She is toxic.
With a baby in the picture however , she is now a part of my life- fulltime. I have this toxic material calling me every day,Nagging, strolling into my apartment when I don’t pay up. Intruding into my life!

My only advice is guys, wear a condom.Wrap up and most importantly only sleep with a girl you see yourself spending the rest of your life with. Because trust me, shit happens. Don’t be me.

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