6 Shocking Pictures that Prove You Should Only be Attracted to a Girl’s Inner Beauty


One of my guys was complaining to me the other day. He kept going on and on.. about how what you see these days is not really what you get….How girls now scam us with god make-up skills… You see a girl with erect chests only for you to get home to find that they have low self-esteem. Sometimes she looks amazing without make-up but when you see her the next morning, you cant recognize her…

My advice to him was this- don’t go after a woman only because of her looks- except your plan is to chop and clean mouth.

Just to show why i took it upon myself to find out some of the things naija girls and all ladies in general, fake.


  1. Their Hair:

    fake hair
    Forget it.Most of those hair you see is not theirs.

    2. Fake Eyebrow:


3. Eyelashes:
Screenshot (1025)

4. Ass:


5. Breasts:


6. Flat Stomach:
flat stomachs

8. Face:

These are just some of them.

Bro, the only thing a girl cant fake is whats inside- things like her character, level of wisdom, intelligence etc.
Sure we all want to date good looking girls but just make sure that is not the only reason you are going after her or may be met with disappointment.

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