{IMPOTENCE} 8 Shockingly Regular Habits You need to Stop to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

You probably already know what erectile dysfunction is; it is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. Sometimes it is called impotence.

What you may not know is that there are some there are some daily habits we may have that inevitably lead to impotence. What are these habits?
Take a look

1. Eating Mostly Canned Foods

How does this cause erectile dysfunction? Simple-
Most Cans that pack canned foods such as beans or potatoes chemical known as bisphenol-A, or BPA. BPA has been shown to interfere with the hormone system in men. It mimics estrogen in women and inhibits sex hormone in men.
This chemical is also found in reusable hard plastics such as those used to pack water.
It may not be as convenient but learn to always choose fresh food over canned foods

2. Excessive Smoking , drinking, Coffee Intake and other substance abuse:

These substances constrict blood vessels.
Now erection works through the hydraulic effect. Blood travels must travel to the penis. If your blood vessels are constricted, you prevent a full erection. Now you have one more reason to quit smoking.

3. Stress:

Now stress may or may not be a habit to you but one thing is certain, it causes erectile dysfunction. Learn to relax, take things easy. Accept things you can change and do not bite more than you can chew.

4. You Ride a bicycle more than 3 hours a day:

Who would have thought that a bicycling hobby could cause erectile dysfunction? Well, yes bro, it does. The main cause is the bicycle seat. Hard bicycle seats compress the perineum, which is the area between your anus and scrotum. It squeezes off the vital arteries and nerves which play a key role in normal sexual functions.Obsessed with riding a bicycle? No problem. Just make sure you get a good bicycle seat. . Choose a leather seat over plastic ones. Consider noseless bike seats over pointed ones if you must ride. These will minimize pressure on the perineum.

5. A Sedentary Lifestyle

We spend hours in meetings, at our desks, in the typical Lagos traffic and before you know it we are relegated to sedentary lives. This can lead to erectile dysfunction.
Take out time to exercise regularly. Try running, swimming, and other forms of aerobic exercise- but not cycling.

6. Excessive Porn and Masturbation

The adult site PornHub revealed they had more than 14 billion visitors in 2013, averaging 1.7 million visits an hour. Excessively watching porn can lead to psychological problems, says Muhammad A, a certified MD. “Porn is often skewed from reality, and there’s research suggesting that the human brain organically changes when you watch too much of it,” he says. “It becomes almost like an addiction and could make it so you can’t get aroused without that kind of stimulation.”

7. Excessive Salt Intake:

Excessive salt intake can lead to cardiovascular diseases which has a lot of implications- one of them is erectile dysfunction
This is how it works-High blood pressure and cholesterol—symptomatic of heart disease—restricts blood flow and harden your arteries, allowing plaque to build up. These two conditions can cause a stroke, which can then damage the nerves running through your body, including the ones to your penis.

8. Certain Medications

If you are encountering problems with acquiring or maintaining an erection, you may need to look at the drugs you are taking if you are. Though these drugs may treat certain condition or diseases, they may affect nerves, blood circulation and hormones as well. Here are the drugs you’ll watch out for:Diuretics and high blood pressure drugs, Anti-anxiety, antidepressants and anti-epileptic drugs, Antihistamines, Muscle relaxant etc.



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