{IMPOTENCE}5 Dangerous Myths about Erectile Dysfunction Debunked

erectile dysfunction

Growing up, we were exposed to quite a few myths about erectile dysfunction. Today lets hear which of them are not true from the mouth of professionals

  1. It’s When you Don’t Have an Erection:

    Just because you did not have an erection today does not mean you you have erectile dysfunction. According to Dr Jeje Ajibola, Consultant Urologist, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH- he has to experience it for three months before one can say he has erectile dysfunction.”

  2. Pot belly can cause erectile dysfunction:

    A pot belly does not directly cause erectile dysfunction. It is only a symptom of being overweight. Overweight people are prone to erectile dysfunction

  3. Erectile Dysfunction Occurs in Only Old Men

Erectile dysfunction can occur in both young and old people.  Erectile dysfunciton in younger age group that are psychologically induced, and erectile dysfunction that occur in older age group because old age comes with hypertension and other medical conditions

  1. It Is Incurable:

    it can be cured or managed but the cause of the problem primarily must first be found.

  2. Herbs & Gins Are the Way Out

You need a neurologist not random herbs and spices to adequately determine the cause of the problem.


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