Nigerian Men Fashion Magazine: Top Fashion Styles You Will Love

Nigerian men’s style evolves every day yet ironically some basic rules still remaining.

There are certain elements that remain constant. There is the use of clean classic fabrics that never get out of style. The Guinea fabrics and the atikus continue to stay in style. So you are on track if you have outfits.

However, the key advancement is in the embroidery designs. Male fashion designers are quickly getting more creative. They are also showing off their individual styles. From those clean geometric designs, to more modern designs, to even more elaborate styles.

One thing is certain, look for the style that suits you and stick to it. Also gain inspiration from the styles we post regularly.


When it comes to being fashion conscious, Nigerians are highly rated, especially the men. Not minding the various ethnic groups, they belong to, the work they do, their age or religion they practice, when it comes to fashion, they all unite to bring out the best.

In order to bring out their deep fashion sense, Nigerian men wear different kinds of cool styles, making statements with it, in elegance and pride.

As the year 2018 is coming to an end, fashion lovers are stepping up their game to hype the way they dress in the coming year. In this articles, we have put together the best styles to rock as a fashionista in the year 2019.

Below are the top 10 Nigerian men fashion styles to consider in 2019

Kaftan Styles for Men

The Kaftan styles for men is a good choice to make when it comes to choosing the right style to rock in 2019. It is grouped under the native attire, and it is a combination of luxurious look and style.

It can be worn by combining colours if you are one that likes playing with colours, and will still look elegant on you. Even with the oddest of colours, Kaftan will still look great on you.

To make your Kaftan looking like a masterpiece, go for a delicate embroidery to bring out the beauty of the style.

Another cool feature of Kaftan is that it is not compulsory to wear it with the native trouser that comes with it, you can switch up a bit and go for a pair of jeans.

Blazers for Nigerian Men

Double-breasted blazers have proven to be a recurring street style trend that can be worn in a variety of new ways. Adapt this traditionalist class of blazer in more fitted silhouettes to maintain a modern edge. Pair with white tees and fitted jeans for a contemporary take on this trend. Additionally, look out for the vast range of brighter coloured double-breasted blazers that will add a pop of color to your ensemble.

Ankara Styles for Nigerian Men

In the Nigerian men fashion world, Ankara is winning right now. This particular style is gaining popularity among folks by the day, even a lot of men native styles you will find today are mostly Ankara styles.

Choosing to make your statement with Ankara will make you a fashionista. Switching from the regular Ankara top and trousers to just wearing an Ankara top will still change your look to stunning fashion work.

Ankara styles can go with hats and even sunglasses when you are out and about.

Bold Sneakers for Nigerian Men

Oh yes! Despite the fact that sneakers have been around for a while, you will agree with me you have not had enough of it.

With things changing, a bold and colorful sneaker, come with a broad range of street style to up your game and take it to the next level. They come in bright and bright colors to match your outfit.

You can decide to take simple colors like white, black or grey to lift up your looks. And for versatility, red and blue is a smart choice to make.

Atiku Styles for Nigerian Men

The Atiku styles are selections of native attires that are usually sewn in a very simple way but you can bet this is a right pick if you want to look simple but classy and smart.

These styles are sewn in a finished body fitting way to suit all body types. Most times, it comes in short sleeves, although there are long sleeves, just that it’s not too common.

You can choose to wear this style with a cap but if not, it still shows elegance and simplicity when worn. They are light on embroidery, making the patters not too noticeable but comes most times in solid colors.

In 2019, Atiku style for men should definitely be one of your picks.

Agbada Styles for Nigerian Men

Come rain, come shine, Agbada style has come to stay in the Nigerian fashion world. It is a Yoruba native style for men that has been generally accepted across the country.

When you rock an Agbada attire to any event, you are definitely one of the kings of the event. To spice up things a bit, rocking an Agbada with coral beads with a cool classic and stylish look.

Also, you can go with Agbada with embroidery as it will score your fashion sense higher. It goes with both covered and open shoes, hats or not hats, and other forms of accessories.

It can be worn in different kinds of colours and still be a great style. With the revolution of different styles Agada is serving us, 2019 will definitely be filled with unique Agbada styles.

Nautical Stripes

Nautical stripes are a street style that has become trendy and indicates a nautical edge. The colours are normally recurring, they can be in white, red and navy blue.

Wearing it with some thinner pinstripes keeps your looks calmer than the usual. You decide to go bold with it by wearing heavy statement jackets or a t-shirt.For a sleek finish for your 2019 outfit, tag along with dark sunglasses to complement your stripes outfit.

Dashiki Styles

This style is sewn like an Agbada but quite different. In this case, the length often never reaches the thighs or don’t pass it. Also, unlike the Agbada, this piece doesn’t come with an overflow which settles on the shoulder.

Dashiki is smaller and sometimes comes with two noticeable pockets at the front of it, and not at the sides. It is basically sewn with a full-length trouser to match with it but a pair of shorts matches the outfit and can be rocked with it.

It can be worn with or without a cap and all kinds of foot wears go well with it. With people coming up with different ways to rock the Dashiki style, it is a style to look out for in 2019.

Senator Styles 

This is a native style that was popularised by a Nigerian senator, Pious Anyim. The material is usually strong and bold, the shirt extends down to the knee, and well embroidered. It still looks fine without embroidery.

Senator comes in either long sleeves or short, and it is plainly patterned. Despite being plain and simple, when worn rightly, it makes powerful statements with accessories like hats, beads, sunglasses, to go well with it.

Denim Shirts and Jackets

The good old denim shirts and jackets are making its way back to people’s heart once again. It has earned a revival as the year wraps up and a better comeback is hoped for in 2019.

This versatile outfit comes in lighter and darker tones of blue and it’s usually buttoned down. It can be casually worn with a plain trouser and open toe shoes but will also go well with covered shoes.

In conclusion, fashion has never been a problem for Nigerian men or let us say, it has gone easier by the day as they slay effortlessly.

Men fashion styles are usually put to display when there is a call for an event or gathering. Events like political meetings, wedding ceremonies, churches, and a lot of other events of today are usually filled with colours of different fashion styles.


Take a look at these styles from different men on Instagram, you will surely see a style that appeals to you! Enjoy.


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