Top 10 Beard Growth Oil & Creams you can get in Nigeria

Not every guy has the tendency to grow a beard talk less of a lustrous one at that. Due to this, certain steps have been taking in research on how to help grow a lovely well cut out beards without having to stress oneself.

Scientist happens to have gone on a beard research expedition and the results were the production of certain beard growth creams and oils. These beard creams and oils can be found and purchased in any part of the world but in this article, we would be talking about those that could be found and purchased easily in Nigeria.

Top 10 Beard Growth Creams/oil you can get in Nigeria

I love beards, in fact, I own a fully grown mane I call beards but still yet have friends who happen to be older than myself without a strand of hair on their chin hence the medium to share the secret behind how to grow beards using cream and oil though, mine came naturally as I am quite a hairy creation from God. (See also Top 15 Grooming Tips To Guide Every Stylish Man)

Some people having beards and others not having beards does not sound fair if i am to take a census or does it? It is naturally to know firstly that growing a beard is one that is linked with genes while on the other hand, the use of Minoxidil has been proven to improve the growth of beards on humans.

Looking at Nigeria today, we can practically see every young man with the ability of growing a beard actually keeping one either rough or well pruned, nobody cares. This is the era of beard gang if i am not mistaken and it is a trend for the moment every male wants to be a part of but a few.

Funny enough, it is actually the right for a man to grow beards but then again, “no be our fault say your face dey barren”. Growing a beard actually gets to define your type of personality as well as style as seen by many men today which includes having to grow very full beards.

It is a pleasure to be able to keep our readers with updates on how to grow a beard as well as care for it with a guide on how to get a vast range of beard creams and oil to this purpose in Nigeria without having to get to import and pay some really quite high shipping fees.

With this at heart, beard growing products either in form of cream or oils helps give you that stunt lustrous stylish look that you so much require without any stress whatsoever leaving the stress for when it has finally grown and then needs care.

Ten Beard Oils to Get in Nigeria

Below highlights certain creams, oils or serums as well as pills and potions to check out in Nigerian beard shops or supermarkets nearby;

  1. ROGAINE BEARD AND FACIAL HAIR FERTILIZER: This is one very productive facial fertilizer. Not only does it grow beards but also your hair for those who are bald and care to regrow their hair, this is an awesome choice. This product can be sold over the counter without any prescription of any sort. Rogaine beard and facial hair fertilizer not only helps make beard germinate but also gives it a silky and soft feel.
  2. BEARD NUTRIENTS LUICOLE (FOLLICLE): This can be easily found in Nigeria and for easier purchase, it sells on Jumia for as low as N1, 900 (one thousand nine hundred naira). It is an instant beard growth lotion set at 100% definite results. This comes in a 35ml bottle well packaged and inclusive of a step by step manual to help guide you on the usage process. Follicle beard nutrients feature the enhancement of a full lustrous beard as well as helps keep moist while softening the beard.
  3. MEGA GROWTH SMOOTH HAIR SERUM: This is yet another product that could be purchased here in Nigeria both in a local supermarket as well as online on e-commerce sites like Jumia and the likes. This serum for beard growth goes for roughly N1, 650 (one thousand six hundred and fifty naira) though the price may vary depending on where you decide to buy from. The mega growth smooth hair serum helps fight against beard and hair breakage which may be caused by climatic factors amongst other factors.
  4. ANDREA FAST HAIR GROWTH ESSENCE: This product for beard growth comes in different sizes but has more of the 20ml in vogue. If you happen to be suffering from baldness as well as an eroded hairline then this product is definitely for you. The Andrea hair growth ointment helps improve the growth of hair as well as beards at a progression set at 3 times faster than the usual hair growth speed.
  5. JOJOBA OIL: One of the very best naturally pruned as well as giving a smooth silky feel to your beards. Helps with fixing dry and breaking beards
  6. CASTOR OIL FOR BEARD HAIR GROWTH: I last got the castor oil for beard growth on behalf of a colleague on Jumia at N1, 400 for the 70ml bottle. The castor oil works in no time. The castor oil makes wherever it is applied on to be very fertile as well as gives a shiny look on the beards. Although, asides hair growth, castor oil also features cleansing skin, reduce stomach fat, constipation, moisturizer, hair growth, dandruff treatment, fertility treatment and many more.
  7. WISDOM BEARDS OIL: This works awesomely well with but a few drops on your hands and then applied. The wisdom beard oil is brewed out of olive alongside the mixture of hazelnut and wheat germ oils with a touch of fragrance and spiced with Vitamin E.
  8. HONEST AMISH BEARD OIL: With quite a vast number of beard cosmetics out there, the Honest Amish Beard Oil I can say would be the best for your beards as it is filled with a spiced up mixture of ingredients ranging from; almond oil, virgin pumpkin seed oil, apricot oil, avocado oil amongst others.
  9. LEVEN ROSE BEARD OIL: This is a 100% naturally brewed wax for your beards highly fragranced. Leven rose helps to see you through making sure your lustrous beard is kept mainly by giving it a healthy touch.
  10. SPICED SANDALWOOD: This is well scented spiced beard oil known to have a quite vast variety of rich ingredients as well as a result from constant usage set to keep your beard well vitalized as well as nourished.
  11. The Shaving Co Beard Oil (Bonus Number): The Shaving Co Beard Oil is a popular beard oil sold in Nigeria. It contains ethically sourced ingredients such as jojoba oil etc

Where to Buy Beard Oil

Where should you buy beard oil? Whether you are looking to buy beard oils in Nigeria, Lagos or Abuja, one thing is certain, you have to be careful not to buy fakes or mere ineffective chemicals shipped from China to Nigeria. You can check Jumia to see the different options they have!

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