Adekunle Gold’s Haircuts that will Suit You

Adekunle Gold has been consistent in the type of haircuts he wears. His hairstyle is classy yet has a lot of swag in it. The supercool thing about his hairstyle is the fact that it can be rocked by anyone. He doesn’t dye his hair a weird bright colour like Olamide has in the past, neither does it excessively put in Jerry curls like Korede Bello. This ensures that this style can follow you to the office and sit with you in the conference room. Interestingly enough, it also means the parts and beard also means it can follow you to the club and your street cred will still be intact.


The “Orente ” crooner has proven that in the area of style– he has a definite heavily Ankara influenced style in place. Same with his hair.He knows what he wants and has consistently stuck with it!All he does is add slight variations here and there.Soemtimes he adds extra curls, sometimes he adds extra curls but still sticks to the pervading theme!
Take a look at these styles and gain some style inspiration!

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