6 Place Not to Store a Condom to Avoid Breaking it


Most of us have had the experience- you know that dreadful moment when you think you are protected only for you to feel yourself in deep and your raincoat giving way. Sometimes it can be dreadful, especially when the person you are with is “questionable”. We’ve talked about the reasons condoms break. One of them is storing them wrongly.
Now let’s look at the places that you store them that are may lead to condoms break
1. Wallets:
2. In Sunlight:
Extreme weather conditions are wrong places to store your condoms. Whether it is in the sun, hot car or extreme cold.
3. Cold Places
4. Vehicles
5. Refrigerator
6. Wet Place
7. Near Sharp Objects
8. Pockets

See more in the infographic below;



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