If She Does These 3 Things, She Is Faking that Orgasm orgasm

We have heard it over and over again that women fake orgasm. We even did this survey on women and were shocked the way majority of them confessed that theu fake orgasms.

If you are like me, you probably want to know whether she is faking or not.

These are the signs she is probably faking that orgasm

  1. She Doesn’t Get Louder:

    In the moment of orgasm, a woman would usually loses control and get really loud. If she  lies there quietly and then tells you- “baby i’v cum”. She’s most likely lying

  2. Is  she exhausted and Happy Afterwards?

    After a woman has an orgasm, she is usually exhausted, happy and would most times just fall asleep. Sometimes she would even be a tad bit withdrawn with that dreamy look in her eyes. If she acts “normal ” after the act, she probably did not have an orgasm

  3. She lies Limply while Having the Orgasm:

    Women tend  to acquire shocking body strength when they  are having an orgasm. Whether she is squeezing , or clawing, holding you tighter or pushing you away. If she is simply lying there, she is probably faking that orgasm.

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