4 Foods You Should Avoid Before S*X For the Best Performance couple in bed

Heard the term- “you are what you eat”. This is even more true with how you perform.Your performance can be enhanced or reduced by what you eat.

Take a look at the top 4 items you should avoid

  1. French Fries :

    french fries

    Fried food- whether French fries or any fries in general have unwelcome sexual side-effects.

Some of these negative effects includes the fact that it lowers your testosterone levels and decreases blood circulation which in turn affects your erection negatively. Also the excessive salt on French fries also makes it difficult to maintain an erection.

  1. Hot Dogs:

    hot dog

    Hot dogs are filled with too much saturated fats. It also pulls down your erection. Avoid it before sex

  2. Energy Drinks:

    It is generally a fact that energy drinks gives you an energy spike but it disappears in a short while. It won’t give you the energy to perform well. In fact these drinks often have a high caffeine and sugar content that quickly burns off in your system, leaving you with an even lower energy level than you had before drinking it. The added sugar also has the drawback of lowering testosterone production in guys.

  3. Wine:

    WineFinder_Key Image-1

    Men find it easier to maintain an erection when they are sober. You may feel more confident but wine lowers sensitivity to touch as well as weakening and stressing organs


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