5 Signs Your Girlfriend May Become a Stingy Wife.

stingy girlfriend

I have never considered a girl’s generosity level as important when settling down until my married friend practically cried to me.

stingy wife

His business had slowed down during the election period and he couldn’t pay his kids school fees. He asked his wife- who works a 9 to 5 and earns well- to lend him some money for the bills before money came in. This wife of his blatantly refused insisting that it was his responsibility.

Signs She Will Be a Stingy Wife.

I was so shocked- how can you be stingy to your own family?

Today I’l give you 5 signs your girlfriend may turn out to be a stingy wife

  1. She Gives You the cheapest Gifts: I had a girl who was so talented at locating the cheapest gifts in town for me. She was the first person to present me a boxer that was made by a chanel and hugo boss- it was so fake!
  2. She Doesn’t Want to Lose a Dime:A girl comes to meet you at a 5 star  restaurant and waits by the Uber for you to come down and pay the N1500. It’s not like she can’t afford it- no she expects you to pay for everything!
  3. She is Always Broke:Some girls are just unbelievable. Call them and the next thing is they are broke. Look at them and they start whining. Iv slowly started to master their act. Once I  ask you-How are you and you say “I’m not well”, il just say “God is on the matter” and move to other subjects.
  4. She Insists She Can’t Spend on Guys:Yes, start the conversation with her and lsten closely. What she thinks will definitely spill.If she comes across as one of those girls who believe they should never “spend on guy”. Be ready for a stingy wife if you insist on going ahead.
  5. She Can Never Lend You Money:Some ladies will look you in the face that if they borrow a guy money, they’l lose respect for him. If you lady is in that category, then you know whats up.

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