The Surefire Signs that Girl Is Using You.

broke niggaz

Yes Sir! Ladies use guys too.And they do it a lot more than you would expect.

The problem is, a lot of guys just would not admit it.

I will show you  signs she is using you.

  1. She is Available Only When She Has a Need

Here’s a girl that hardly picks up your calls. But wait till she needs a ride to somewhere and watch her blow your phones up with calls.

When she is broke, her chats are unending .Even when she visits, it is usually because she is in the neighborhood and her friend is not around. Bro she is using you.

Check her phone, your number is probably stored as Maga318


  1. Sex:

    Yes the ladies like sex too.And yes, they sometimes use a guy to get it. This usually happens when they feel they are at a higher level than the guy and would not want to start something serious with him. So they would rather just enjoy his prowess in bed and sneak out before people see them with the “small boy” with “big phallus”

  2. She is Never Willing to Talk about the Future:

    This mostly applies to guys who are looking for something serious. Girls are usually the ones thirsty for the commitment. Now if you see a girl who doesn’t want to talk about the future with you. Bro be warned, she is hanging around for something else.

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