Versace Agbada: How to Design, Style and Samples

The versace design was culled from the logo of the  Italian designer- Versace. The versace logo is a series of intricate designs around the legendary medusa head.

We first really noticed this design when Ebuka wore one for one of the BBNaija shows.A lot of Nigerian designers have since  incorporated this into the embroidery designs of their agbada.

How Do you  Sew the Versace Agbada Style?

There are different ways !

Firstly You can be creative by selecting and picking only certain elements of the Versace logo. This style of doing the Versace agbada is understated, classy and tasteful.

Another way to wear it is the bolder look. This involves copying the entire log ond placing it as a large or series of large embroideries on your agbada.

No matter the style you decide to opt for , one thing is constant- it always turns out splendid!


  1. Easy on the colours:
    The Versace agbada design is already busy and complicated. Adding several colors will tip it into being tasteful.Choose two colors and stick with them.A white agbada with colored embroidery never ever goes wrong!
  2. Versace Design is for the Skillful:
    Like we always say- even if you decide to use a tailor, use a skillful one. The embroidery should be perfect and on point. Amateurish designs and embroidery will quickly become apparent and the versace design requires the embroiderer to pay attention to details.

White and blue versace  design agbada

black and gold versace design agbada

Red and white versace design agbada

gold and blue versace design agbada

black and gold versace design agbada

latest versace design agbada

Trendy versace design agabada

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