Top 10 Male Nigerian Fashion Designers


Nigerian men in the fashion designer world have indeed proven that they can have great style and rule the industry.

This is the list of the top 10 male Nigerian fashion designers. They not arranged in any particular order.


Since we last wrote this post, there have been new additions to the league of top designers in Nigeria. These newbies have broken through the noise of many designers. They have served us with good detailing, quality finishing and creative designs.

  • Ugo Monye
  • Yomi Casual
  • Atafo.Official
  • Seyi Vodi

Soares Anthony;

Based in Surulere, Soares Anthony is a Nigerian male fashion designer who has been around for a while. His designs are affordable and of high quality.

He is also very creative


He is a couturier and founder of the eponymous Ade Bakare Couture. He is headquartered in Victoria Island but is a globe trotter fashion wise.

Ade Bakare Couture has been around for 25 years- now think of the cool combination of so many years of experience combined with a stellar sense of style.

Frank Oshodi is another designer who has grown to giant status in the Nigerian fashion industry over the last 25 years. Remember when the sultry smiling Agbani Darego worn Miss World? He styled her.

Since then, his profile has grown in leaps and bounds.

Duro Olowu

Though Duro Olowu is based in London- one thing is certain, he is a Nigerian designer and he is making us super proud. Duro Olowu is so good at what is do that clientele boasts of a long line of celebrities and dignitaries. One of them is the former first lady of the United States of America- Michelle Obama. He was also, at some point commissioned to decorate the white house.

Yemi Osunkoya

Nigerian male fashion designer is the founder of Kosiboh, the fashion line popular for bridal wears.

He also specializes in evening and formal day wear.With over 26 years in the Nigerian fashion industry, it’s no wonder he is one of the top designers soughted out by Nigerian celebrities.

Yomi Casual

You know this list will not be complete without a mention of Yomi Casual. He is young fashion designer that has managed to appeal to all fashion palettes.


Mai Atafo:

Mai Atafo whose full name is Ohimai Atafo founded his eponymous fashion label years ago.

He left his marketing job to start out and quickly shot to the top of the fashion designers list in Nigeria.

This list would not be complete without him.


Mudi has been around for years now and quietly caters to the decerning fashion public. He also well known for his taste in classic cars.

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