Top 10 Nigerian Male Fashion Bloggers

igee Okafor fashion blogger male
igee Okafor fashion blogger male

Igee Okafor

Fashion blogging is no doubt becoming a thriving career option amongst the youths in Nigeria. As we all know Nigerians are very fashionable people hence we spend money to look good.

10 Male Fashion Bloggers Making Waves in Nigeria

On this article we are going to be featuring the top 10 male fashion bloggers based in Nigeria. From menswear designers and fashion bloggers to stylists, we have seen Nigerians step up in the fashion scene, these young fashion bloggers have grown from the ground level to so big over the years and they have changed the view of how everyone (mostly youths) see the Nigerian fashion industry with smart looking patterns and a mixture of traditional influences and casual style. With various home based (nigerian) and international collaborations, meet our top 10 Nigerian male fashion bloggers and influencers in no particular order.

  1. Noble Igwe (,
    When it comes fashion blogging in Nigeria noble igwe is no doubt one of the foremost fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Noble igwe has carved a niche for himself in the ever growing Nigerian style and fashion industry, he is known for his membership of the #beardgang with his clean and perfectly groomed full beard. Noble igwe’s style, personality and looks are truly different and eye catching.
    A graduate of the famous university of Nigeria, nsukka Noble igwe is the founder/ co-founder of the 360 group which comprises of various companies ranging from fashion/ lifestyle blogs, to public relations and management organizations. Noble igwe founded his first company 360nobs as far back as 2009, 360nobs is a Nigerian/ African based entertainment/lifestyle and fashion website with the latest fashion tips, news and trendsb. He also owns, another fashion and real style website then his latest, Tribes by nobs, an African based clothing line.
    With a blue tick (verification) on instagram which his fashion influence/ prowess obviously brought him and a massive following of 182k people, Noble igwe is open to both national and international collaborations/ product reviews.
  2. Akin Faminu (
    Akin Faminu is a men’s style blogger, menswear enthusiast, model and more. Akin Faminu has been in the Nigerian fashion and style scene for a few years now, a saying from Akin Faminu “Let your style express your personality because your personality is not the first thing people see, your style is ”, this shows how your fashion and style influences people’s opinion’s about you when they see you.
    Dr Akin Faminu as he should be addressed is a medical doctor who recently graduated fromn the university of lagos, the fact that Akin Faminu was studying medicine while building a career as a fashion influencer goes really far to show that “impossible” is nothing. With a huge followership of over 57,000 people on instagram and ambassadorship from various big brands like woodin fashion, jumia and more, Akin Faminu is without argument a top catch in the Nigerian menswear fashion scene.
  3. Igee Okafor (
    Born in Nigeria but educated internationally, from okafor’s good looks to his die hard spirit he is definitely a lovely personality to be around!. He shuttles between lagos and new york but is currently based in new york for business, Igee Okafor runs, a fashion and lifestyle blog that was founded in march 2014 by him is dedicated to promoting and bringing the latest trends to readers and fashion/ style enthusiasts.
    Igee Okafor has collaborated with toop names and brands both nationally and internationally like Todd Snyder, Timex, Stella Artois, Stacy Adams, Gentleman’s quarterly(GQ), Daniel Wellington and a lot more. A man with a clean style and positive aura, Igee Okafor who says he is also interested in food, interior design, architecture and travel is no doubt promoting menswear and it’s collective culture.
  4. Steven Onoja (
    With a huge followership of over 94,000 people on instagram, Steven Onoja is no doubt one of the big names when it comes to the fashion/ lifestyle industry. Steven Onoja was born in 1989 in Nigeria and also raised here, with features in big magazines such as men’s style Australia, details, gentlemans quarterly(GQ) and many more, Steven Onoja is carving a name for himself in the international fashion scene. A man of many talents, Steven Onoja is a fashion creative and also a visual storyteller. Photographer.
    Steven Onoja has risen over the years in the fashion scene both in Nigeria and internationally. Steven based on collaborations has worked with many popular brands such as amazon, hugo boss, shea moisture, fossil, ralph lauren, Gillette, joseph abboud and a lot more. 29 year old Steven Onoja has also worked closely as a director with top Nigerian alternative music singer Adekunle Gold, anyone who knows Steven Onojo will know how much he appreciates fashion, art and design.
  5. Denola Grey (
    Popularly known as the prince of style in Nigeria Denola Grey is someone who looks as fashion as a form of art. Denola is without doubt one of the most popular names in the Nigerian fashion and lifestyle industry, his style, personality and perceptions of fashion have influenced the style and carriage of many other youths in the country.
    Born into the family of the Adepetun’s, Denola Grey is a professional in many divisions of the Nigerian fashion industry, ranging from fashion blogging, styling to tv show presenting. With many collaborations and ambassadorships in his portfolio, Denola Grey definitely stands out from the crowd.
  6. Kuyet Bamai (
    A new face in the fashion and lifestyle game, Kuyet Bamai is without doubt a fast growing lifestyle and fashion blogger. Born and raised in kaduna state, Kuyet Bamai started his fashion and lifestyle blogging in 2015 while still undergoing his tertiary education at ahmadu bello university.
    Kuyet Bamai who comes from a humble background describes his style as minimal which simply says “less is more ”, minimal or minimalistic style is cliché, sleek and simple when done right. Kuyet Bamai is one of the few northern faces in the fashion blogging scene and his minimal style is one woiorth exploring.
    With a degree in mass communication it comes as no surprise that Kuyet Bamai chose the path of a fashion and lifestyle blogger. He is also a content creator and brand promoter who hs worked with many brands ranging from stylists, designers, to photographers and many more. He runs, a fashion blog bringing fashion and lifestyle inspiration/help to your fingertips.
  7. Billy Busari (
    Young and vibrant Billy Busari is one of the newest faces in the lifestyle/ fashion blogging scene. Based in London, united kingdom Nigerian born Billy Busari runs, a close look at the young man’s fashion and lifestyle blog will tell you how hardworking he is, the fashion and lifestyle features a very neat user interface and an organized theme as well.
    Billy Busari says he created to express himself and his style, Billy believes style is personal and everyone has their own unique style that sets them apart from the crowd of fellow fashion enthusiasts and fashion lovers. Young Billy Busari hopes to inspire to be the best version of yourself, Billy is upcoming and creating a name for himself in the online fashion/ lifestyle scene.
  8. Ifeanyi Okafor Jr (
    Ifeanyi Okafor jr is a mens style blogger/ enthusiast and surprisingly a medical student as well. Ifeanyi Okafor jr is the third child of a family of six children, he was born and raised in the entertainment hub of the country, Lagos state. Ifeanyi is currently undergoing training as a medical student majoring in dental surgery at the popular university of lagos.
    Ifeanyi says he has always loved looking good and standing out, he dedicates this passion into running which is an urban fashion and lifestyle blog. The blog is simply a reflection of his personal style and his passion for fashion.
  9.  Bidemi Adedeji (
    In a society filled with copycats and unoriginality a person has to be willing to find his/ her style in order to standout, Bidemi Adedeji is one of those who have found their styles and is no doubt influencing the style of other young people in the society of today.
    Bidemi Adedeji has been in the fashion scene for some time now and has established a level of recognition by working with various brands and celebrities like Yemi Alade and many more. He has carved a niche for himself as an international fashion creative, a celebrity stylist, a fashion blogger and ceo. Bidemi runs various businesses all inclined towards the fashion scene, he runs, a modern day fashion and lifestyle blog with many interesting fashion editorials, he is the founder of @vintagemenNG, a vintage store based in lagos that deals in the sales of shirts, bags, shoes, accessories and more.
    Being a stylist Bidemi runs styledbybie studios, a fashion styling cosultancy firm based in lagos. He runs it hand in hand with his own attire making company @customstyledbybie, dedicated to crafting bespoke fashion pieces for the average afrocentric man.
  10.  Adebayo Oke-Lawal (@OrangecultureNG)
    Popularly known as the Orangenerd, Adebayo Oke-Lawal is no new face in the fashion scene. A very close friend of Denola Grey, you cannot be surprised that Adebayo Oke-Lawal possesses a great fashion sense and prowess, he has risen over the years and is definitely staying in the fashion scene for long.
    Adebayo Oke-Lawal is a menswear fashion designer, lifestyle blogger, creative director and stylist. He is the owner, curator and head of creative direction/ fashion designing at the OrangecultureNG, an androgynous clothing brand that showcases a culture challenging the masculine stereotypes in the society. Adebayo has featured on various international fashion organizations such as vogue, ELLE and many more. Adebayo Oke-Lawal’s creative work is unique and no doubt expressive of his personal style.

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