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Creative Birthday Cake Ideas for Men of All Ages

When it comes to baking cakes for men– bakers do not quickly get inspiration on what concepts to use. Don’t be confused.

These birthday cake ideas are for men of all ages– whether you are looking for that awesome 60th birthday cake for men or that creative 30th or 50th birthday cake for that special man or maybe even all you need is the funny birthday cake factor, you  are in the right place.

I have compiled an inspiring collection of birthday cake ideas that will suit any purpose.

Men’s Birthday Cake Tips

Here are Some Tips Before We Go Into the Pictures:

  1. Use Manly Colours:
    Whether it’s during icing or the inner colouring of the cake itself, use manly colours. Except if the recipient of the cake is gay, he will most likely not appreciate a cake that is coloured bright pink or any other feminine colour. Choose a stronger colour- even black when done right can be appropriate.
  2. Guys Like Funny:
    Generally the average guy does not want to blow candles off the top of his cake(like the average female would).But give him funny and he would absolutely fall in love with it.

Take a look at these creative photos and gain some solid inspiration!

cake for a 50 year old man. Shirt with tie and pocket square
masculine brown cake
happy birthday cakes for men Simple – Photo Birthday
cake for 40 year old man with a bicycle
blue and white cake for a 40 year old man
black and white cake with red details for a 40 year old man. Suit and top hat
white, blue and lemon cake design for a daddy
blue shirt and tie cake for a man
brown and white cake for a man

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