Latest Kitenge Shirt Styles for Men

Kitenge is an African fabric.Sometimes itis referred to Chitenge.The Kitenge orginally staeted out in Kiswahili Kitengele though it is now very popular in the wider area of East, West and Central Africa. It is usually a printed wax cotton fabric

Kitenge Styles for Men

The Kitenge is what we call WaX PRINT in Nigeria and it continues to be relevant for decades not.What usually changes is the design according to the evolution of the trends and taste of people.
Unlike the dashiki, the kitenge can vary in colour hence making it a favourite amongst ment. You can get really nice designs in subdues , quite mature colours.

What to Do With Kitenge

Kitenge is very versatile and can be used for different purposes.It can be used to make bags, shoes, hats necklacs or even hoodies and etc. But today let’s take a look at how you can use Kitenge to make men’s shirts.Kitenge can also be rocked either as a casual wear or as a more corporate and serious attire


Kitenge Shirt Styles for Men

There are different ways to rock the kitenge shirt as a men. You can go the tasteful route of having your plain coloured shirt just having a hint of kitenge fabric.
Like these guys below
Another way is the classic all Kitenge shirt.Black shirt with kitenge details

pink kitenge highlighted shirt

Cool white and kitenge shirt

Kitenge Embroidered shirt

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