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Top 15 Job Search Websites in Nigeria

Finding a job site is important.Finding a job site that posts current vacancies is even more important!With the number of graduates that leave the Universities of Nigeria yearly, it is important that people know the right place to search for jobs. Statistics put Nigeria’s unemployment rate at a number around 12 million people. And for this reason, a lot of organizations, and the following websites have made it their duty to duly inform people about the available jobs in Nigeria, giving people hope and a chance to survive.

Top 15 Job Sites in Nigeria with Current Vacancies

We are also ready to make it work for everyone that had ever nursed the hope of getting a job. We would direct you to top 15 Job search websites in Nigeria. With these, you can know where to go first before wasting your time on other websites. With this list, you would be able to visit the genuine sites and have a little function about them.

  1. HotnigerianJobs: This website is one of the oldest. It has been known to give jobs that could only be gotten by individual’s merit, and not those jobs that had been taken before the job was even advertised. It has categories for Fresh Graduate, Management Trainee, Officer/Graduate Executive, CEO and Managing Director, to any level one wants. Its categories also move from one type of job to the other, making it easier to search for these jobs.
  2. MyJobMag: This website has really made it easier to find jobs on their website. You can choose from their different filter of the Job search- State, Field, Industry, Educational level, Experience. A great thing about them is that they also allow companies drop the name of their companies on their site. Meanwhile, it is worthy to know that they give Job Tips and Information that increase your chance of getting jobs.
  3. Jobberman: at Jobberman, one would have to sign up to get a better work. Many of the features are such that you can easily get trainings on their site. Although you can still search for jobs without signing up, the site has provided a lot of features that would really help anyone searching for a job. And this features can only be gotten by signing up on the website.
  4. Ng Careers: This is one of the most respected job-search websites. While they have a lot of job opportunities, they ensure they feature the best on their front page. Also, they feature the best course/training jobs on their site.
  5. Job Guru: this is one of the most respected search engines. They scout for job opportunities from a different site. Also, companies are allowed to go to the site to get the employee. Upon entering the website, you would be opened to their hot and trending jobs. Here, there would be a summary of the job and you would see a place asking you to apply. This button would direct you to a page you would see the full information, and from where you can easily log into the website of the company.
  6. Career24: This site opens many opportunities ranging from jobs to companies, to Courses to Career advice. If you join the site, it would help you keep track of any job you apply for. Here, you would get the chance to know the companies that have shortlisted you for their job interview.
  7. JobZilla: This website is unapologetic in helping you get the job. The website does not bore you with unnecessary information upon entering it. You are open the latest jobs in town. Afterwards, at the bottom, you would be able to see the categories available- Job by Field, Job by Sector.
  8. Just Job: this site is another site that is really worthy of being mentioned. It is a website that is meticulous in its order. But, the setting is inverse and different from that of other websites, which gives it a unique look.
  9. Joblist Nigeria: Laced in orange and green colours, this website makes searching for job an easy thing. It prides itself as a place you find your perfect job. When you log in, you are exposed to the various categories. Then, when you move down, you will see the featured jobs, Internships, NGOs. And, so many others things involved.
  10. NairaCareer: this website comes in a simplified Blogspot site that is really intriguing. It does not have too many distracting features. It is made in a straight-to-the-point manner. When you click on the summary of any post, it would direct you to the full article where you can get what you need just that.
  11. JobSpire: This website has been since 2009, and it has been constantly updating various offers in every business sector. This website is available in more than 3 languages. It was built to accommodate employers and employees.
  12. Job Center Nigeria: this is a website where they take their time to publish more than 700 job vacancies per month. They deal with different employers directly, and that had given them a great edge above others. They do not stop at providing the link to these jobs, they also give insights into how to being your own boss. They even help in writing your CV.
  13. Jobemy: This is another wonderful website that features membership club. This membership club helps people in getting things done in time.There are 3 sub-services available. Basic membership (Free): It allows you to post two Resume within 365 days.Compact Membership(N3000): This membership opens you to posting of 10 Resumes in 365 days.        This would allow you thousands of employers get to you.Premium membership: With N5,500: this allows you to post Resumes unlimitedly, and you are able to have your Resume featured on their website.
  14. NaijaHotJob: this website allows users to interact among themselves to supply information as regarding job opportunities.
  15. CareerNaija: This is another website that is well designed and of great importance. They not only help you get a good job; they also ensure they help in getting a good career. They give amazing career advice.
  16. This is a forum for general things, but it is worthy of note because in the Job Vacancy section you will find a lot of jobs that you can apply to. More so, many people have dropped their testimony of getting jobs through the forum. It is one place you should try out.

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