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5 Grooming Issues Naija Guys take for Granted which ladies find Disgusting

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Money is not all you need to impress a lady- sometimes your appearance matter more

  1. Dirty Unkempt Fingernails: Nothing shows a lack of care and attention to personal hygiene than dirty fingers. After your face, the next most viewed part of your body is your fingers. You don’t have to go to go for professional pedicures like lades do, just trim them neatly, remove the dirt under them and you are good.
  2. Skin:A girl once opened up to me about a guy she had met on the phone through a friend. She said from the first 60 seconds she saw him- she knew there was no way. Why? His skin. You should have seen the way she described the eczema on his neck. I wondered why she- she told me- It’s a sign of his hygiene. In her words “If he can let his body get like that, just imagine he STDs he can let grow in his body (choi) abi how am I supposed to lick that neck when we are making love!”Yes ladies think like that too:
  3. Letting Your Lips Dry Up Like Sahara Dessert:It is currently harmattan season but that it is still not a good reason to let your lips dry up- some to the extent of cracking! It’s pretty hard for you to talk to anyone- male or female and they don’t notice your lips. Always have a lip balm at hand.
  4. Ignoring Rogue Hair:As you grow older you find that hair sometimes “go astray”. Don’t let them. Rogue hair from your ear or nose is not a sign of manliness and can easily be found of offensive by a lot of people.
  5. Wearing Too Much Perfume/Cologne:No matter how expensive your cologne is, if you have too much of it on, it smells cheap. That’s not an impression you want. A few sprays here and there is enough. You don’t want it to be too overpowering.
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Nigerian women hate dirty nails

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