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10 Gifts That Will Make Your Nigerian Girlfriend/Wife Fall in Love

When buying a gift for a lady. The issue is not the money- it is also knowledge and the strategy my brother. You may have all the money in the world, buy her the most expensive gift and not win her heart. All she may want is that particular item she has always dreamed of. You need to know what women like and what your woman likes.


These ideas will help you get a gift that will make your woman happy and also will not be too hard on your pocket

  1. CLOTHES: Take her on a shopping spree- if you can afford it. This is because you never can tell what a lady will pick. Some of these women imagine you have much more so you have to apply wisdom.So if taking her on a shopping spree may be dangerous grounds.  Get a shopping gift voucher or gift her items from a store you notice may be one you notice she always looks at on her Instagram page when you are both together.
  2. A Surprise Party: Wait- is your woman an extrovert? If she is an introvert, you need to skip it. A lady who is an introvert will be more offended than delighted. But if she is an extrovert, absolutely!!! Organize a surprise get together for your girlfriend or prospective girl. It can be a simple house party or a boat cruise party . Do enlist the help of her friends because they are more likely to know what she likes.
  3. A SURPRISE VACATION: This is one of the biggest gifts you can give any Lagos girl. Lots of them wish they could cross the borders of Nigeria and a themed vacation from a toaster (not even an official boyfriend), totally creates a hollow pit for them to fall deeply and continuously for you. This is the highest package in HD. A vacation featuring site seeing, spa, shopping, relaxation, and as usual, lots of pictures to be snapped for her social media updates- be sure to get a Yes without any more words.
  4. A CAR: Lagos girls and cars though; the wish to own a car is top of the list for Lagos girls. Just helps complete their packaging and having a guy get them one as a gift is what many of them dream off. In present-day Lagos, Benz is the key to a Lagos girls heart so be ready to spend nothing less than N7, 000,000 (seven million naira) just to win her heart over. Perfect gift for the coming Valentine’s Day, what do you say?.If you cannot afford a car, don’t stress yourself please.

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  5. THEIR VERY FIRST LOVE- TEDDY BEARS: Truly, a teddy bear is every girl’s first love and the older they get, the bigger the teddy they get to desire. The madness for teddy bears by most Lagos girls is exceptional as they are being opportune to name it whatever name they please and in most cases, the gifters name. Lagos girls can’t seem to get enough of it. Particularly the bigger, better-quality ones. Every single Lagos girl envisions owning such a gift besides keeping near to her heart each night she naps on her bed. Even currently more recent Teddy Bears carry a slight message written on their Fur. In a case of wanting to be distinct, you can clothe up in a Teddy Bear costume while making your presentation to her. It will be absolutely cool if a walking Teddy Bear could take her home.But once your babe is older than 25, is a graduate and already working. Bro please skip this. They won’t find this exciting at all.
  6. ROMANTIC DATE: Every girl, in general, would love this. Local or not, it is usually not a regular event and so it is held close to heart. Talk of Lagos girls, a romantic date in one of the biggest and popular hotels in the region is more like “gbedu when dey burst brain”. A candlelit romantic dinner in Oriental Hotel, Protea Hotel amongst other wonderful locations could make any girl in Lagos fall for you most especially if you were the one who got her dinner gown and shoes as well. To add more pizzazz take her to a Chinese restaurant, or a spa.These places are not as expensive as they seem. You can even get deals from dealdey. Just make sure she never finds out how much you paid.
  7. ACCESSORIES: Not just any accessory, but the right type of accessory.Think an expensive wristwatch.Or a top designer bag.Ladies are now really crazy about the Hermes Birkin  handbag , celine, dolce and gabbana are also pretty popular amongst them.
    A Nigerian store that sells designer bags is Shoezy. It’s a top secret place that very few people know. It seems she focuses on selling to people via word of mouth because she doesnt seem active on social(Update: @lugayaluxury is their instagram account for those who sent mails asking.). Quality, new designer bags will definitely make your woman obsessed with you.If you cannot afford the brand new one, buy the pre-owned one. But make sure it is super neat. My friends and I discovered this lady that sell okrika bags on Instagram- LUGAYA STORE. Slide into her dm and explain that you want to buy a good designer bag for your babe. I don’t know how she does it but she gets unbelievably neat ones at friendly prices and she manages to get them with the dust bag and accessories so your girlfriend will never find out it is okrika., then buy her a beautiful brand new bag on Gabino Bags- Nigeria’s Leading Bag Store.They sell all sorts of beautiful bags at wholesales prices!
  8. CUSTOMIZED NECKLACE: You know how it is with girls and quality necklaces and for every Lagos girl, an engraved necklace either gold or silver (quality) means a whole lot. Many see it as you are officially tagging them yours for the keep and they cherish this a lot as they know it is not small money you used in doing this and are sure there would be more from where that came from.Just make sure it is pure gold  or silver not stainless steel.
  9. CONFECTIONERIES: Which Lagos girl would not appreciate chocolates? Or is it Ice cream? This is a less expensive way to a girl’s heart. Well, packaged chocolates in a goody bag alongside other kinds of stuff such as champagne for the night, muffins and candies make it exclusive.
  10. MONEY: Every human needs this talk less of Lagos girls that their world revolves around cash. Physical cash sometimes meets their needs better than buying a gift and also gives these girls the confidence that they are sure not to ever run out of cash as long as you keep it coming. Though be mindful, the day you stop, their eyes become clear.

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