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How to Get a Job in Nigeria Fast Without Connection

How to Get a Job in Nigeria Fast Without Connection

In Nigeria today, is well known that getting a job requires you knowing someone who knows someone in a top position with the ability to get you employed. But what if you do not know anyone in any high places of such and you are all alone and you require a job so badly?

You do not have to wait for a miracle of getting connected to someone but making sure you owe nobody any favors and getting the job yourself.

Can You Get  a Job Without Connection/ Networking?


Writing from experience in the labor market, I happen to have searched for job at a time with no headway but here I am today and I would confidently say I am doing way better than majority of those who got in through connections as I do not have any ass whatsoever to kiss or someone I ‘MUST’ be loyal to just to secure my place in the job. I got myself busy not waiting for that phone call from an uncle or family friend telling me to go to some company and ask of the manager and tell them I am from Mr. Bla Bla Bla by engaging myself online sending out resumes and emails to different organizations I came across online. Thanks to Nairaland where you have the opportunity of being updated with employment opportunities in the labor market online but at least, I was able to find a way out in getting my resumes and got chances at interviews without help from anyone in form of connection.

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Be aware that you are not the only one in this situation and as it is more or less like a competition as in most cases, the organizations already have themselves, someone, they already have in mind to employ but then again, you can show off how important you are with your abilities and what you have to offer.

As a smart guy that I am and I guess you are, I took into consideration a mechanism to let these organizations know what a loss they would make if I was not recruited. Now firstly, it is important that you first get to the interview stage. Give or take, out of 50 organization bodies that you mail out your resumes too, on a very bad day at least 10 would call you for an interview talk less of a good day.  You finally got the opportunity of an interview, what is next?

This is an opportunity to sell you as an individual to the organization. Do not be intimidated by others and to make this clear, I would share an experience of mine;

It was a Sunday evening and I happen to have stepped out with a couple friends for a drink, we discussed a lot of things from life after school to the kind of women we hoped we would get married to and we ended up with and more.

Now, one of us mentioned he came across a recruitment advert in the Vanguard but it was for those with M.Sc. (Masters Certification). Well, I did not have one and from what I heard, the position was more like a managerial one. I asked about how I could get my resume across and was told to submit at the office which I did. A few days later, I got a text for an interview. I dressed all corporate but without a suit and on getting there, I almost passed out with intimidation. All of the other candidates happen to look way older with experience as well as bagging M.Sc. degrees and I neither had a suit nor an M.Sc. I almost turned back to go home but decided to chill a bit. The first person went in and came out 45 minutes later sweating profusely, then the next and yet another and so on with all of them coming out with a strong face till it got to my turn. The position was for a Communications Officer and the majority of these candidates had gotten their M.Sc. from foreign Universities.

What am I getting myself into? I asked myself.

I stepped in and I literally started sweating as to my awe, I saw 12 professors from different institutions all seated. It was a round table interview.

Then the questions began rolling in…

I made sure not to be intimidated; I even cracked jokes and showed strong confidence in what I had to say as I was asked series of questions. I was asked about my M.Sc. certificate and I told them I had none but then- I made the comment that broke the camel’s back and left all of the interviewers shocked and interested in what I had to say.

I said, ‘No offense Sirs, I know you all seated here are professors with large number of years of education but I sit before you today to let you know that I may not have an M.Sc. but this job position is one I know I would handle better than anyone with a Ph.D. as it is one relating to my way of life and amongst my many hobbies. It is with facts that I tell you that I have been passionate about everything as regards communications and public relations and so I know you need someone who you know deep down has a passion for the job and not because of the pay’.

To my amazement, the interviewers had no more questions to ask and were murmuring amongst them for quite a bit. Of all the 17 candidates, I was given the job there and then but only requested to shave my lustrous beard.

In summary, the purpose of me sharing this experience is to let you know that you can get a job without needing the help of anyone. You even feel more fulfilled when you happen to get a job for yourself as you stand bold and tall amongst your peers who got theirs through connections.

The only connection you need in getting a job is the internet connection.

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