Growing a Beard for the First Time: Mistakes Nigerian MEN make

When growing a beard- there are some importance beard care and maintenance tricks you should know. There are also some sacrosanct does and don’ts. Irrespective of whatever season you find yourself- winter (Harmattan), spring (rainy), summer (hot), or fall, as a typical Nigerian man, you are meant to stay at the very peak of your beard priming routines so your appearance does not take a turn for the very worst swiftly.

A lot of Nigerian men get to put minimal efforts in grooming and preservation of their beards not until they most probably have an occasion to grace or social event to partake in and most times when the girl says she is coming over.

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The difficulty with allowing things pass when it grooming arises is that it does not allow much for you to appear like you actually stopped giving a damn about what other people would reason as to how your looks turn out.

The objective here is unassuming, making available to you the top 9 beard mistakes that majority of Nigerian men make and how to speedily and readily change things around not just for the purpose of having to look good every day, but also with not much of an effort to do so.

  1. Mistake #1: Not making use of Moisturizer:
    Right about now, you are probably shaking your skull and maybe thinking to yourself that actual Nigerian men will certainly not make use of a moisturizer on their beards.
    Such men can be easily spotted in a crowd, just search around for the man with a dehydrated beard and furrowed face, he is the actual man who happens to refuse moisturizing of his beards. Just maybe you regard him as a natural man that does not stop the fact that he is pretty scary to look at up close. Nourishing your beard could be seen in the same way as having to water your flowers, without such, the facial skin eventually starts to dry up and get wrinkled and in no time, you look 5 times your age.
    Slot in a nourishing routine every night, as it only takes out a minute or less from the full 24 hours you have daily.mens beard moisturizer
  2. Mistake #2: The Bushy Neckline:
    Most Nigerian men make the effort of getting a haircut every now and then, sometimes, they get to shave their facial hair (beards) every other week. Why are you not also paying the same attention to your neckline? Nothing passes out as a terrible appearance when it comes to having a clean cut but a hairy neck alongside.
    Nigerian men in most cases careless and expect the barber to worry about it themselves maybe when they get their next haircut in the following week but then again, by then, it sure as hell would be so bushy and scruffy looking.
    If you cannot trim your neckline making use of a couple shaving mirror, then ask a household member or your partner to assist.
  3. Mistake #3: Dense Back Hair:
    A lasting impression could mean a lot positively but when it comes to letting your back hair grow so dense and bushy, that sure is a negative lasting impression you are bound to leave behind. Just because you cannot reach the back of your hair does not mean you should care any less as this could be a problem eventually.
    If you really want to know how bad it looks, try taking your shirt off at the beach and you would be surprised at the reactions you are sure to get most especially from the girls.
    A proper back haircut goes an extensive way in presenting to the world you are actually on you happen to be on your A game.
  4. Mistake #4: Excessive Beard Product:
    These days, you see Nigerian men pack every hair product you can think of on their hair as well as their beards. The appearance they actually display is like that of a rat soaked in oil and it could be annoying I must say. The password to having a perfect beard look is by finding the balance between a product and style.
    If your beard is so wild, then you would be needing a tin of ointment to keep it in check, get the beard clipped down to someplace it is much more wieldy.
    In addition to the fresh beard creating room for a much desirable attention, you eventually get to use minimal beard product to rock the look as well as need a lesser amount of time in the lavatory to carry out.
  5. Mistake #5: Not Ingesting Sufficient Water:
    Many Nigerian men are ignorant of the fact that the largest organ of the human body is the skin. The skin needs a lot of water on a daily basis as it is majorly made of water. Drinking water helps keep the skin nourished and allows for the beards to grow properly and healthy too. More like watering a plant.
    In a case whereby you do not ingest enough fluid, not only do you organs get feeble but also your skin most especially where hair grows to get dry and flaky.
    The simple way around this is by making sure to ingest a lot of liquid on a daily as well as fruits and vegetables that have lots of liquid in them.
  6. Mistake #6: Waxing the Beards:
    It is the trend now to have every hair waxed out at the spa. Sure, it is a good life but waxing your beards? No, do not do that.It is better of making use of trimmers to outline your beards neatly than having to get wax on them.This beard mistake is simple to correct, just route through making use of a blade or beard clipper to outline the edges and you are sure to look just great.
  7. Mistake #7: Allowing the Wild Nose and Ear Hair:
    This is extremely a NO. Come on, you are not anywhere close to 99 years of age and you are already allowing your nose hair and ear hair connect with your beards? This makes you look unattractive and no matter how you prune your beards, you would still have a weird look for a young man. Dear Nigerian men, this is totally unacceptable.
  8. Mistake #8: Not clearing out the Unibrow:You know that connection between your two eyebrows having a confluence in the very middle of your forehead? Yes, that… It already negatively kills your beard looks no matter how hard you try to look like a slay king or the CEO of the beard gang.Trust me and do not be deceived, no one likes the looks of the Unibrow even if they tell you it makes you look all cute and unique- tell them to grow one themselves so you can as well complement with unibrow
  9. Mistake #9: The Same Beard Cut:Sometimes, changing your beard cut is always advisable. Sticking to a beard pattern gets boring along the line and less attractive but rocking new beard looks from time to time draws attention to you.

Nigerian men, these mistakes are directed to you so endeavor to correct them if you so happen to be in one of the categories.

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