Beard Oils: All You Need to Know(Where to buy, Best, Application, Efficacy)

Complete guide to beard oilsBeard oils are products that help take care and groom a mans beard, there is really no better and safe way to take care and improve the appearance of your beards without using beard supplements and applying beard oils. What beard oil does is prevent the dryness of your beards and protect the skin beneath the beard , beard oils help prevent your beard from being flaky and dry. The oil also acts an hydrating agent for the skin and helps soften your beard hair. A man normally wants to impress the opposite sex ( females/ women) and a major thing most females of the 21st century look out for is a well groomed and good looking beard/ facial hair , for this reason many men want a beard or those who have want it to look good and impressive.


Beard Oils: All You Need to Know

The use of beard oil cannot be overemphasized , there are so many advantages of beard oil and the good thing is it does not cost so much to purchase.Here  is all you need to know if you are planning to join the beard gang or have already joined the beard gang.


beard oil benefits

Beard Oil Benefits

In the introduction above we gave a few advantages of using a beard oil for your beards , we will discuss the advantages of using beard oils extensively.

  1.  GIVES A FRESH SMELL ; beard oils are made from essential oils which naturally possess a nice fragrance , essential oils like the oil gotten from lavender are used to make beard oils. For this reason beard oils gives your beard a fresh smell when it is applied , when picking out a beard oil you can use the fragrance as a criteria to make your choice as there is a large variety to pick from.
  2. ANTI-FLAKING ; the ingredient which make up a beard oil are ingredients that have been carefully curated by professionals , a notable property of a good beard oil is its ability to keep the beard soft and flake free. Flake is a name given to dandruff in the beard , a good beard oil should keep your beard “ruff” free.
  3. MOISTURIZER ; most beard oils contain pure argan oil and unrefined jojoba oil which help moisturize your beard and keep it soft in all weather conditions , beard oils also help the beard shiny and prevents dryness on the skin.


Applying beard oil to your beards is greatly influenced and depends on the size of beards ranging from a goatee to a full set beard (goatee and side burns connecting ) and for all categories of beard the application of beard oil varies. Another factor that influence the application of beard oil is the weather or climate condition, a bearded man might require additional drops of beard iol in a cold season to ensure the beard is moisturized and skin is hydrated. We will be giving the number of beard oil drops that are perfect for different categories of beards.
Short beard 1-2 drops of beard oil.
1-2 inches long beard 2-4 drops of beard oil.
3-6 inches long beard 4-6 drops of beard oil.
Beard longer than 6 inches 7 and a half drops of beard oil.
It is advisable to apply the beard oil in the morning before leaving your home right after leaving the shower and drying your beard with a towel. If your beard is really long you might be required to comb it out before rubbing the beard oil , also make sure the beard oil is even across all bearded areas and it reaches the skin beneath the beard.


Beard oil is generally non-hazardous and in more that 90% of the usage cases there has been no side effects. Notwithstanding , a few cases have been recorded where some men experienced some allergic reactions after using beard oils. A probable cause of any allergic reaction that develop from using beard could by some ingredients in the beard oil , essential oils which are used to make beard oil contain some ingredients which undergo oxidation when exposed to air. Even with this, the probability that you might to beard oils is very small and negligible, beard oils are made from essential oils which is natural contain no synthetic additives and no toxins at all.



Beard oil works for a lot of people is most cases and is 100% safe for usage. If you apply beard oil and it does not work effectively there is a number of reasons why it is not working.

  1. IMPROPER USAGE ; if you use beard oils wrongly be rest assured that it wont work and you are wasting your time/ resources. I have earlier explained extensively how to use your beard oil effectively , you can also check the bottle of the beard oil if you are confused or you need additional instructions on the usage of your beard oil.
  2. WRONG REASON FOR USE ; another reason beard oils might not work is that you are using the beard oil for the wrong reason. A simple example is if you are trying to make your beard smoother and less rough, beard oils might not work because that is not the purpose of the product .

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