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The First 5 Things Ladies Look at within the first 50 Seconds of Meeting a Guy


What do girls first notice in a guy as soon as they set eyes on him? The shoes? The car-keys? The body language?
Well we did a quick research and dug it all out for you!
These are the first 5 things a girl notices in a guy the first time she meets him.
And it all happens in seconds!

1. Your Overall Stature:

Your Height, weight and body build. Her eyes captures it all at once

2. Physical Hygiene:

Yes ladies see this next. Are your nail clean and neatly trimmed or have large colonies of bacteria have turned that place to their dwelling place. Pearly white teeth or stained teeth? Well trimmed beard or scraggly hair sticking out like barbed wire. Yes bruv, the ladies notice

3. Dress Sense:

This is different from personal hygeine. Your dress sense is rated in two ways- Co-ordination and quality. (yes there is a science to it)
Co-ordination to see how well you put your outfit together .More importantly quality.
Women are very good at sizing up what you are wearing and deciding what rung of the economic ladder you belong.

4. Your 4th Finger:

After they have sized you up, they mentally note if you are married or not by looking at your 4th finger.

5. Your diction:
How well spoken are you? That is the 5th they look out for.

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