Important Style Tips for Short Men

A short man has the chance to look as good as a model- as long as he knows the right style choices to make.

Indisputable, though the men with lengthy legs can yank off virtually everything they wear, it actually does take much more than been tall to appear decent.

When you have confidence, charisma, and a pleasing clothing that fits your height, you have the liberty of standing amongst tall colleagues with pride.

Just maybe you actually doubt me right now,

Then just maybe to boost your level of confidence as well as the truth on this subject, we should together take a look at the popular comedian, Kevin Hart as well as other famous names in the entertainment industry such as; Tom Cruise, Dustin Hoffman, Daniel Radcliffe, even Jet Li and Jackie Chan.

Take a look at all the above-mentioned names and you would see the confidence as well as stylishness in them all.


You are short and yes, you would love to look taller. This article is aimed at seeing you through every step in defining your style as a short man so you are able to feel good amongst your peer. Let us take a look at a couple style tips for short men and then you could pick that which would redefine your style.


  1. Making Use of Shoe Lifts

Care for an instantaneous height enhancement?

Making use of shoe lifts are the impeccable precise as well as an abstract instance of a touch that upturns your total existence.

Basically, attach shoe lifts into a favorable pair of shoes with covered ankle provision and you are set to move.


  1. Stay away from any form of loose outfit

Talk about baggy shirts and big trousers and be sure to look short all the rest of your days. Loosed outfits actually do not do anything in expressing your waist but rather, the shirts length actually conceals the waistline and makes your legs appear shorter. For this very reason, you would never see a short celebrity of any kind appear in nothing but well-tailored jackets as well as suits.


  1. Style in well-fitted apparels

This could be said to be a continuation from the above point. Styling in tailored outfits helps you look taller when you are on the go as well as give you the feel of confidence in oneself. Well-tailored apparels are highly advised for those short men who look more on the heavy side than the others. If you are confused about how to go about this, check out catalogs of short men or better still go online and search out short celebrities and how their outfits appear then you would have an idea.


  1. Keep your hair on a low level

Ever wondered why appearing with long hair is not appreciated in the workplace? This is because it gives you this unkempt and rough look. In addition to that, keeping long hair makes the length of your neck appear shorter as well as add burden to your shoulders. Stay on a low cut and a well-shaved face and be sure to always appear smart whenever you step out in style.


  1. Avoid wearing thick belts

Big belts, as well as large, brassy belt fasteners, will most definitely call for the audience to your waistline. If you fall in the short men category, you really would not appreciate people focusing on the lower parts of your body hence you would have to stick with simplified as well as slimmer belts that are not colorful either.

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  1. Enough with the exaggeration of accessories

Absolutely, accessories define a man’s style but too much for a short man is just absurd. Why? This is because the more you draw attention to your wrists and waist, the minimal possibilities of people looking up at you (your face) as they have their attention drawn to the flashy accessories you have on.

Fight the need to wear your decorative ring and attempt rather a modest like a silver chain or classy wristwatch.


  1. Long Jackets is a “NO”

Do you want to know what an additional lengthy top does to you?  Long jackets also known as mafia jackets are better slain on tall people and is a “no” for short folks. Having a long jacket on as a short man actually allows for it to weigh you down and present your already short legs to appear shorter. Feature in tailored jackets or short ones reaching the waist to extend the appearance of your lower body.


  1. Stand up straight

From time to time, basically altering how you frequently stand can give rise to your height increasing by a couple of inches but when you get to slouch often, you are ignorantly bent frontward allowing you to lose cherished height. Not only that, you are also going to be causing a lot of harm to your posture in general as well as health wise. Keeping an upright stance, you are bound to appear more confident and smart always.


  1. Style in darker, calmer tones


Flashy colors such as bright reds, yellows, as well as oranges will let for people to single-mindedly have their attention drawn to the wrong parts of your body. It is acceptable to maximize these colors to basics on your fashion appearance or stylish accessories, but then again you do not want to dress up in a top or pair of shorts that are perky.

To generate a much more flowing look, look out for darker as well as calmer combinations of outfits.


  1. Try to avoid going all Gotham

Not many would understand the meaning of Gotham. Gotham stands for all black (like in Batman) and black actually makes anything and everything appears small in size.

Black makes things look smaller. When outlines are distorted, not only would you appear slimmer, you are sure to also look smaller as well. If at all you need to feature in a black outfit, make sure to generate some deepness as well as one in line with a pleasant mishmash of black, gray, also navy blue.



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