Designer belts for Men With Style

When it comes to buying belts a lot of factors are considered.Such factors include price, brand size and colour etc.
In choosing the right size of belt for you,choose one that is 2 or 3 sizes bigger than your pants.
When choosing color, the rule of thumb is to have at least one black belt and a brown belt in your wardrobe, then you can get creative with colour. However, when you are wearing a belt, make sure it matches your shoes.

Top Designers Belts For Men With Style

Take a look at some of mu favourite designer belts

  1. Ferragamo: Salvatore Ferragamo belts is a well loved brand of belts. It is classy and make a statement everytime.If you are going for ferragamo belt, make sure it is original as the market is flooded with counterfeit You will get some good tips here on how to recognize a counterfeit.
  2. Gucci: The good thing about gucci belts is that they are more affordable thantlnthe Ferragamo.They are also readily available in the market.
  3. Louis Vitton: Though the LV is fast becoming one of my favourite brands, they also make really quality longlasting belts.
  4. Hermes : Hermes is a classy highend designer brand that produces quality longlasting product
  5. Fendi: Fendi is a luxury italian brand who are popular for a lot of their leather producta.Their belts are one of them



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