How to Match your beards with your Face & Haircut

Just maybe you are preparing towards growing a beard for the very first stage or you are merely considering for an additional fresh do’ to fit your manly locks. This article is written for the purpose of guiding you through having to match your beards with your hairdo.

How to Match your beards with your Face & Haircut

Best 5 Haircuts for Nigerian Men with Facial hair

  1. The Undercut

When speaking about the recent and modern day hairdos, the undercut style is at the very top of the most shaved hairstyle and it is seen as the most fashionable of all. The undercut features a smooth cut that blends stylishly with every folk that has it on. Talk about pairing this hairdo with a beard and you would have to look no further. The undercut fits perfectly with a striking beard. It fits perfectly without making a statement, the blunt distinction between the buzzed or, at least, shaped edges contrary to a large beard can be a bit impetuous for some.

What Beard to match?

Whenever it arises to toning the undercut hairdo with a beard, around the concept is an interminable extent of options alternating from the extra refined distinctions to a full driven cessation. The best and direct method of making things emendable is the making use of the very same clipper stepper on your beards as you usually use for your face in general. By this means, you are sure to get an outlined and unified touch which is more appropriate for a guy who is not in any way planning on sliding the boat across.

Conclusively, narrowing down from the area surrounding your teddy hair (sideburns), and then progressively allowing to grow longer as the beard emerges across the chin. This establishes an enhanced look which appears to be both sophisticated and a little exploratory.

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This quite appears to be yet another wonderful merging of the beard. Having a long hairdo as well as choosing a beard concept would actually merge in unison. Long hairdos have in past times been related to indifferent looks as well as the lack of interest to make any efforts. Times seem to have changed, nonetheless, long hairdos have been able to feature a more comparative and conventional style.

What Beard to match?

It would not be new knowledge to the fact that it actually does take a longer time to groom long hair alongside efforts and commitments. To this case, you are sure going to be glad to be aware that the appropriate fitting beard style to match a long hairdo is on the shorter side of the field therefore, not going to require you having to effortlessly commit to your beards as you did your hair. It is more appropriate to have your beards on the low when featuring in a long hair so your face does not get all covered in hair.

Keeping a shorter beard in comparison to your long hairdo will most definitely complement a much more stunning appearance compared to a jungle man’s hair shriveled face.



The side parting hairdo can be styled in quite a variety of duplications, but then again, the original side parting hairstyle goes way back in time than we actually do know with it going on and off in haircut trends over the last centuries or thereabout. Recently, hair trends has seen the rebirth of the side parting hairdo with it attaining quite a level of regard amongst men haircuts. The side parting is one hairstyle which is undying and would always have its home on men’s heads.

What Beard to match?

When you have to choose what beard style to match with the side parting haircut for men, there are really no limits to your decisions on picking a beard style. In other words, in a case where you feature the smooth side parting haircut, you are most likely going to want to choose a beard style that would make round and smart your facial appearance. For this very reason, a properly trained beard would appear appropriate for sure.

When picking an extra ample focus on the side parting hairdo, a fully grown beard could fit through in conjunction with the haircut. Although, it is also possible that a fuller beard could be out of context when the side parting hairdo features a much more smoother finish of the raised side parting.



The Quiff haircut is yet another short hair concept that should be considered with a large beard. In recent times, the Quiff haircut has been the most common amongst men of all age groups, settlements, backgrounds all styling this hairdo. Usually, the Quiff haircut is featured with an undercut as well to give a high-pitched appearance. With the Quiff haircut, you could approach a keen or daring path reliant on what it is you are looking out for.

What Beard to match?

When choosing a beard style to match the Quiff haircut, you should consider the fact that the petite nature of the haircut allows for quite a great deal of space for your very own decision as to what actually would fit better. Maybe just anything from a small beard to a much fuller one would be a perfect match for the haircut though, the situations get to determine which fits your appearance more when compared to the others.

How to Match your beards with your Face & Haircut



The short and messy haircut is yet another hairdo that matches with a beard. Though, this haircut is not really a regular with most men but usually appears coarse and disheveled. Now, though may not be all that popular but then again, it is a wonderful option for most men who have beards in abundance.

What Beard to match?

Searching for the right beard to match on with the short and messy haircut, it is mostly advisable to allow your beards stay just in between- not too high and not too low.

On That Note

It’s a wrap! Even though there are still a lot of folks that may contend men’s beards are on view.





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