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Feeling Stressed Out? These 5 Stress Management Tips will Help You

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Our lifestyles- work commitments, the city life and others, makes it so easy for stress to creep in. These tips will help you keep stress at bay.

  1. Schedule Time for Yourself:

    I call it the “me” time.During your “me” time, choose to do something you like doing  -something that relaxes you. Exercise? Getting a massage? Maybe simply listen to relaxing jazz music while your brain in blank out.Let’s be honest- with the crazy lifestyle we live, it may be hard to get away for too long but 10 minutes may just be all you need to shut out work, stress and just relax.

  2. Sleep:

    Most times when our work days get an overload, our sleep suffers. We do this because its just the easiest thing to cut off.But it’s not the wisest.This is because- to make every minute count you need sharpness of mind. This sharpness of mind is only viable when you get enough sleep.So it’s a cycle.To feel less stressed, don’t skimp on sleep. Make sure you get a good night sleep for a stress-free day.

  3. Keep Meetings On Track:

    Meetings, conference calls can easily go out of line. Long aimless meetings quickly accumulate and can cause stress. Try to always keep meetings on track.Set an agenda and a specific end time. Always leave your meetings with actionable points.This efficiency can do wonders to relieve stress.

  4. Prioritize Effectively:

    Yes, you can get a lot of things done in a day without breaking down. The trick is to prioritize. The best way to prioritie is to create a triage system.Use a to-do list app and set your tasks in different colors, each meaning different levels of urgency. As you tackle each task, you’ll get the satisfaction of deleting them off your list. That feeling wards off.

  5. Learn How to Delegate Duties:

    Some of us, delegate stuff but do not know how to let go.The simple rule is this.Find a competent hand, give them the power and move on the thing.Then focus on things you need to do. This helps productivity and helps relieve stress.

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