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Want to be a Great Leader? Then Learn the 10 Key differences between Leaders & Bosses

Whether you are an employee or a business owner, succeeding in life requires that you are a leader. By knowing the differences between leaders and bosses, you will be one step closer to being the leader you want to be- take a look.
1. The boss is impersonal, the leader is compassionate.
2. The boss say “I” , the leader says “We”
3. The boss uses people, the leader develops people
4. The boss inspires fear, the leader earns respect
5. The boss takes credit, the leader gives credit.
6. The boss micromanages, the leader delegates
7. The boss says “Go”, the leader says “Lets Go”
8. The boss thinks short term, the leader thinks short term
9. The boss is your “BOSS”, the leader is your colleague
10. The boss is focused on process, the leader is focused on people.
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