14 Free & Easy Things to Do that will Improve Your Health Drastically

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A lot of us are quietly living unhealthy lives. We move from our homes into our cars, to our offices where we sit all day and consume junk food. When the day ends we head straight to the bar where we consume even more unhealthy food.

Try these simple and easy thingThese are things you can do to upgrade your lifestyle.


  1. Take your coffee without sugar.
  2. Laugh. Laughing is very good for your health, so do it more often! Watch a youtube video, go on instagram and watch skits by our crazy naija comedians or read a joke.
  3. Eat Slowly: Even when its jollof rice
  4. Drink a glass of water, first thing in the morning
  5. Play, have fun
  6. Hug somebody for at least 6 seconds. This releases oxytocin, a chemical in our body, that let’s you feel good and promotes health.
  7. Keep your phone away from you when going to bed: This decreases the amount of radiation during your sleep and decreases the probability of unnecessary interruptions during the night.
  8. Take the stairs
  9. Once an hour stand up and walk around for 5 minutes. Studies have shown that too much sitting is bad for your health. (You can use the “Time Out” app for this, it’s free)
  10. Exercise at home. Pushups, squats, planks. You don’t need a gym for that.
  11. Take green tea Instead of coffee.
  12. Dont drink Soft drinks
  13. Exercise at home. Pushups, squats, planks. Those routines dont require a gym.
  14. STOP WORRYING: It solves nothing!

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