3 Major Mistakes Most Men Make In Bed|How To Avoid Them

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Most men have the wrong notion about what women want during s*x. And usually pay heavily for their naïve s*xual mistakes in a big way…

It’s either their woman won’t look forward to having sex with them again or the woman denies him s*x altogether because it’s not very pleasurable for her.

A female friend of mine left her phone with me and I stumbled on her Bbm chats with one of her girlfriends.

Their chat was very disturbing and it REVEALED a lot to me about what girls truly want in bed and how CLUELESS most men are in bed.
In fact, in her chat she stated some major faults men have in their love-making skills and after I spoke with several other female friends of mine plus a little research, I thought it wise to summarize it here for all the men to read and learn from.
So, below are the major mistakes that can KILL a woman’s DESIRE to have s*x with you:

1. Going too soft and easy during s*x.

It is very important to take your time and go easy on a woman when making love to her.

But I also said that you have to change pace and become a little more domineering in bed like a MAN.

Women don’t always like it when they are treated like they are very fragile all the time in bed. They need to feel your RAW SAVAGE UNTAMED side too in bed.

They desire to be lashed real HARD and in a very NASTY manner at times.

If you want to be the MAN that will make her ADDICTED to you in bed, then you need to alternate between soft romantic s*x to plain HARDCORE NASTY fucking!

You don’t need to be civilized while at it. Take her hard anywhere the opportunity presents itself—in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, just about everywhere.

2. Not giving her an orgasm during s*x.

Remember when I said that I read a friend’s Bbm chat? Now, one of troubling things she mentioned was that she NEVER reached an ORGASM whenever her man makes love to her, so, she doesn’t really look forward to s*x.

She even went ahead to say she only gives in to sex just to avoid his unending disturbances for it.

Now, this is very disappointing and shameful if your girl ever says so behind you. I’ve always told men that women will NEVER tell you how inefficient you are in bed. She would rather fake an orgasm that tell you to your face.

To get a woman SATISFIED in bed and avoid having to beg her for sex every night, you have to be able to avoid the usual mistake of ejaculating inside her if you have not given her at least one ORGASM.

You better pull off and blow your load/cum elsewhere.

I keep saying this, “if you want your woman to be be so ADDICTED to you in bed then you MUST know how to actually give her MULTIPLE ORGASMS in other to get her MADLY into you.”

3. Finally, failing to talk sexy/dirty to her during sex.

This is one of the most important part of love-making. The girl specifically told her friend in their chat that she hates it when her man stays silent and only makes low grunts and moans during s*x.

She said, “I wish he can just talk to me in a dirty sexual manner…”

Enough said…

Now, let’s turn the tables around for a while.

How will you feel if you have a woman in bed who doesn’t make any sound at all when you’re serious trying to satisfy her?

Like, she just lies down, silent as you huff and puff. How would you feel?

You wouldn’t know if she’s enjoying the whole thing or not, right?

And you may be distracted trying to figure out how well you are doing that you lose interest in the whole s*x, right?

Now, that’s how it feels for women too.

Women fall for words, so you have to learn how to give her MENTAL ORGASMS too. This will trigger her physical orgasms too.

Written by Brian Ike of


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