Types of Atiku Fabrics for Your Traditional Wear

Don’t be fooled by its seeming simplicity.The atiku is an exotic and classy material. This fabric  ranges from tens of thousands to over hundreds of thousands.

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There are quite a vast Atiku fabric to choose from but I would focus on a few of these fabrics.  We will take a look at their features and price ranges.These fabrics include;


If I am not mistaken (maybe there are other ones out now), when last I checked I think for 10 yards of the Boile Atiku fabric, it was going for about N87,000 (Eighty seven thousand naira). This is not the most expensive in the market though but I would love to work with the average to the least as everyone has been complaining all year long of recession.
This material surpasses all of the others I would mention below and it is not commonly used as “no be everybody get that kind money” to spend on 10 yards. If you wish to make your traditional wedding graceful enough, then this is not a bad option for yourself and bride to use as a traditional wear while suggesting the others that I would mention below for your family members and friends as well as expectant guests.
Do not be scared of the price I said though as it may either be lesser or more…


The Cotton Atiku Fabric is very breathable does not retain stench. To keep this fabric going, you do not need to wash all the time and yes, it is one that could be the perfect wear for your traditional wedding as well as your guests. 10 yards of this hovers around the price of N55, 000 (Fifty five thousand naira) or there about. Like I said at the beginning of this article, Atiku fabrics could range into hundreds of thousands and yes, this is still in the tens of thousands.

It is also called Premium as we all know it flows from the hierarchy all the way through Platinum.

The cotton Atiku fabric is best for the family of the groom and bride if they would not be able to afford the Boile Atiko Fabric. Do not get me wrong now, I suggested the Boile fabric for the couples and the Cotton Atiku fabric for the family because it only makes sense that the couple have the best of the day and not everyone has the money to throw around on just buying fabric when there are a lot more to be done during the traditional wedding celebration.

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This is a perfect traditional wear for the family and really close friends to the couples I would say from my own perspective but like this article is just but a guideline and not a compelling piece of content.


This is very common at traditional occasions and is mostly worn by guests who just need to be there. It is still in the very very average category of the normal lay man and falls in the price range of N10, 000 – N15, 000 depending on your bargaining skills and the face of your seller. I would be honest, I have about 3 of these but not to worry, also has a senior brother from the cotton Atiku fabrics.

The problem with this fabric though and this would be me speaking from experience, it feels like you are wearing nylon as you get to hear the sound and have the feel while putting it on as well as when walking in it. That is not all, you most definitely would sweat and this fabric hardly absorbs sweat so you are sure to deip all through. Not advised for the celebrants at the occasion but any other participants are free to wear this as a traditional wear.


From the hierarchy by which I have been writing this article, you would understand that there is little to be said about this one. The last time I think I priced this material, it was going for about N7, 200 (Seven thousand two hundred naira only) and just the feel to my hands was an enough not to probe further or even price the fabric.

If the nylon Atiku Fabric is bad than you should know that this is worst. For the purpose of a traditional wear, this would be a No way from my perspective but they would say one should cut coat according to one’s size but they also forget it is not by force to even wear the coat in the first place.

Best advice for anyone, save up money and try to at least get the Nylon Atiku Fabric which is not that bad after allor better still go for the Cotton Atiku fabric but if you feel your money has come then I would suggest the Boile Atiku Fabric for your traditional wear either as the celebrant or as a guest or family member.

Just look good and for you to do so traditionally, the Atiku Fabric is the best choice but then again, which would you choose from? I mean, which would your pocket allow you to choose from?

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