Men’s Jalabiya Designs Every Stylish Nigerian Man Covets

You know that cool long cloth Nigerian men wear when they go to Dubai with the turbans? Yep! That’s the jalabiya. It was originally worn by Arabic men and women but it has quickly moved from being a simple traditional piece of clothing to being a statement of style. The muslim men wear the jalabiya to religious ceremonies but now Jalabiya fashion is more or less now mainstream.

The latest Jalabiya designs are stylish and classic. They stand in the perfect intersection between modest and being fashionable
Though designed to be unisex, more and more Naija men are wearing it as an ultimate statement of style as the really quality ones quickly scream affluence
There are different jalabiya designs out there for the simple Nigerian man. There is the regular black plain ones and the regular white ones. The embroidery on them are always subtle maybe even imperceptible but for the trained eyes, they are easy indications of quality and price.

Islamic Dress Codes for Men

The islamic dress code is one of modesty. This modesty is not left for only the women. Even the men are expected to exemplify modesty in their dressing.

Latest Modern Jalabiya Styles for 2019

The latest modern jalabiya styles are not shy of putting a little bling and swag into the deal!

Men’s Islamic Clothing Thobe

Dont be confused-thobe means Garment. It is also sometimes spelled Thawb or Thaub. It is the headgear worn by men and women.If you want to go the extra mile, you can rock a Thobe along with your Jalabiya.

There are different types of Thobes with different names. See below

Moroccan Abaya Styles for Men

The traditional morococan Abaya/jalabiya style is simple yet oddly enough comes with a hoody. See stylish Moroccan Abaya Styles below

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