Danshiki For Men: Cool Tops, Shirts and Dapper Blazers For Stylish Men

Men are quickly learning how to wear danshiki fashion items. From the really stylish , bright coloured tops, to cool shirts to the even more dapper blazers, we have found a smart way to wear the trendy fashion item without looking too bright and feminine.
Indeed we have now found a way to make the danshiki masculine and it looks great.
Ways a Man Can Wear the Danshiki
1. Sew a Simple Shirt:
Like the members of the opposite sex, you can simply sew a shirt with your danshiki fabric. Wear it with a simple, plain coloured pair of trousers to go with the already bright coloured top.
2. Use only a bit of the material mixed with a solid colour material:
Some men will argue that they don’t like wearing bright coloured outfits. Its all good! You don’t have to. Just take a bit of the fabric and use it for a part of the outfit. It can be only the neck area, the front or the hand.
3. Sew a fashionable danshiki hoodie:
This is perfect for the super dope, young guy. Those hoodies are ultimate swag statements.
4. Sew a classy blazer
Too classy to do all that? Then try a blazer! You can wear them anywhere and still look dapper!
Take a look at these fashionable ways men are wearing their danshikis and gain serious inspiration!












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